BRICS Unleashes Game-Changing Plan for a Fair and Multipolar World Order

The foreign minister of Russia has asserted that the global community is weary of the tactics of coercion and pressure employed by Western elites.

According to Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister, the efforts of the “collective West” to maintain its dominance have paradoxically led to the rejection of foreign states’ exploitation of resources by the true “world majority.”

In an article penned for South Africa’s Ubuntu magazine before the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, Lavrov highlighted significant shifts occurring on the global stage. He contended that a fairer multipolar world order is emerging, supported by BRICS – a coalition of like-minded nations seen as a representation of true multipolarity.

Lavrov emphasized that the international community is fatigued by the manipulative actions of Western elites and their colonial attitudes. As a result, various countries, not just Russia, are progressively decreasing their reliance on the US dollar and adopting alternative payment systems and national currencies for transactions.

“The international community is tired of the blackmail and pressure from the Western elites and their colonial and racist manners…That is why, for example, not only Russia, but also a number of other countries are consistently reducing their dependence on the US dollar, switching to alternative payment systems and national currency settlements.”

Lavrov affirmed Russia’s commitment to strengthening Africa’s position within a multipolar world order. He pledged Moscow’s continued support for African nations in addressing critical global challenges.

The forthcoming BRICS Summit in Johannesburg will concentrate on fundamental priorities such as enhancing the BRICS bank, refining payment mechanisms, and promoting the use of national currencies in mutual settlements.

Lavrov indicated that the BRICS partnership is gaining momentum, fostering inventive strategies to ensure food and energy security, promote global economic growth, and resolve conflicts. However, he emphasized that the group does not seek to supplant existing international frameworks or become a new dominant power.

“That is why we launched the expansion process… It is symbolic that it has gained such momentum in the year of South Africa’s Chairmanship, a country that has joined BRICS as a result of a consensus-based political decision.”

BRICS, initially consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, and China, expanded to include South Africa in 2010. Lavrov revealed ongoing internal discussions among member states regarding criteria and processes for future expansion.

The member countries aspire to finalize these procedures for approval at the Johannesburg summit.

With BRICS nations collectively representing around 40% of the global population, projections indicate that the “Big Five” will account for approximately 31.5% of global GDP (at purchasing power parity) in 2023, while the share of the G7 is anticipated to decline to 30%, according to experts cited by Lavrov.

These are the main reasons why the Collective West is burning farms and standing ready to feed the population with ‘edible insects,’ requiring everyone to submit to its WorldCoin and programmable CBDCs in order to control each and every citizen’s economic activity down to the last detail. If this isn’t dystopian, then what is?

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