Towards a New Military Alliance

There are currently four hot war/tension points in the world with high growth potential: Ukraine, Palestine, Taiwan and North Korea. In Ukraine, Russia is at the forefront and is winning.

The days of Zionist Dictator clown Zelensky, who sent nearly 1 million people to the meat grinder for the sake of his Uncle Sam, are numbered.

Most likely, Chief of General Staff Zaluzhny will replace him with the promise of making an agreement with Russia.

American journalist Seymour Hersh wrote that Zaluzhny secretly messaging with Russian Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov.

The USA is in trouble with the terrible fait accompli created by the Zionist fascists in Israel and seems to want to end Ukraine now.

Iran has the leading role on the Palestine and Levant front. Iran and its affiliated resistance front I mean.

The Houthis in Yemen (also allied to Iran) are acting as a geopolitical game changer by blocking the sea route to Israel.

The USA has deployed 69 warships in the region and also uses Incirlik in Turkey and British bases in Cyprus.

If we return to Taiwan, the interlocutor there is China.

The USA wanted to surround China, its main target and rival, from the sea and squeeze it through Taiwan.

This is nothing new either.

Rt. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, the private secretary of former US Secretary of Defense Colin Powell, has just told in an interview that during the Bush period, Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld tried to provoke the administration in Taiwan, and Powell prevented this.

Now Ukraine and the ensuing Palestine war have ruined the USA’s plans.

In addition to NATO, the United States uses Ukraine as a proxy against Russia in Europe, Israel against Iran in West Asia, and the Philippines, Australia and Japan against China.

However, things are not going well for the USA there either.

As China becomes increasingly stronger at sea, the administration in Taiwan understands that relying on the United States is a mistake, based on the example of Ukraine.

In short, the USA, a maritime empire, and its ally, UK, are beginning to understand the impossibility of confining Asian powers to land.

Russia announced on November 5 that its new strategic nuclear submarine named ‘Emperor Alexander III’ has successfully completed the sea-based intercontinental ballistic missile tests called ‘Bulava’.

According to Russian military officials, the 4th generation nuclear submarines developed within the scope of the Borey and Borey-A projects, equipped with Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles, will form the basis of the strategic nuclear forces of the Russian army in the coming years.

Iran, on the other hand, relies on its hypersonic missiles rather than its navy. It has the power to instantly close the Persian Gulf. Iran has important resistance partners in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. They are also provided with advanced weapons. In this way, Yemen was able to hit the most critical oil facilities of Saudi Arabia, with which it had been fighting for years.

The Chinese Navy has made tremendous progress in the last 20 years. They increased their naval power both in quality and quantity. According to the latest news, they have also developed advanced technologies that can observe under the sea. Under normal conditions, the undersea is still an area that cannot be monitored. This is the main element that gives submarines their superiority.

As for North Korea, the 70-year de facto ceasefire could be broken at any time. Because North Korea is sending weapons and ammunition to Russia at a critical time and is eager to join the newly formed Asian Quartet.

Pyongyang also has advanced nuclear missiles. It also launched a spy satellite –thanks to Russia – into orbit and the US has the intention of shooting it down. North Korea announced that if the USA attacked the satellite, it would be considered a ‘declaration of war’.

Asian Four

The Warsaw Pact, with the USSR at its center, was an Eastern European defense organization against NATO.

So geographical coverage was limited.

This “Asian Square Ace”, which is now forming before our eyes, covers all of Asia from north to south, east to west.

In addition, some medium and large-sized countries that tend to go beyond the US order may also welcome this.

Even NATO member Türkiye is showing its own resistance by not letting the USA into the Black Sea.

Or Indonesia does not want to spoil its relations with China.

India cut off its unconditional support to the USA, thanks to its profitable oil exchange with Russia.

The European continent, especially Germany, is thinking hard about how to undo the American scam in Ukraine.

Africa and South America are no longer the playground of western colonialists.

Developments in the Arctic have the potential to radically change the global game.

China and Russia are making important moves here and gaining a large area.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative, all over the world, prioritizes social and regional development with all its infrastructure investments with the motto of “cooperate, not war”, not a fake capitalist financial growth. 

They are undermining Pax Americana, which has been stripped of its plaster by formations such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS.

The USA, on the other hand, is facing a dire economic and domestic political situation.

For the first time in history, daily interest expenses exceeded daily defense expenses.

In the interview with Wilkerson, the American Strategist said, “The USA is ruled by idiots like Biden, Blinken and Sullivan, there is a smart Vic Nuland who is trying to start a war” he said.

Geopolitical Expert Ret. Admiral Cem Gurdeniz says:

“While the USA spent 2.19 billion dollars on defense every day this year, it paid 2.46 billion dollars in interest on federal debt loans. A similar and common cause of empires collapse is the inability of the treasury to continue supporting the army and navy. The USA has already reached this stage. I hope this collapse will not cause humanity great suffering like what happened in Palestine.”

Gurdeniz adds that the US navy is in its worst condition in history.

Wilkerson also says, “China builds a ship in a week that we take a year to build.”

For the first time after 1990, the USA finds an organized and powerful (and even stronger in some aspects -hypersonic missiles, etc.) Asian Fortress.

China-Russia and Iran have been taking every step they take in consultation lately and have been displaying a great team play.

While economic support for Russia under Western sanctions comes from China, China’s energy needs are met by Russia and Iran, and North Korea eagerly joins this trio. Iran and North Korea also provide arms support to Russia. Russia provides hypersonic technology to all of them.

Joint Sino-Russian-Persian exercises in the Persian Gulf can now be added to the joint exercises of the Russian and Chinese navies in the oceans.

The Military Industrial Complex in the USA, which is owned behind the scenes by global financial barons (a bottomless pit; it has failed to account for 20 trillion dollars in the last 20 years), shouts out its hunger for war at every opportunity to prevent the impending economic collapse.

But the main contradiction is that the US army cannot find soldiers to fight, cannot renew its navy, and can lag behind its rivals in military technology.

Herein lies the real question.

The Asian Century will definitely rule! Whether it will be bloody or bloodless will be clear soon!

 Huseyin Vodinali, Global Research, 2023

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  1. When the USA began talking about developing its capabilities to fight and win a two-fronted war at a trans-continental gap we knew that the USA is being led by idiots. Now that belief has been greatly strengthened when even respected US. generals themselves believe and publicise the fact that the US is being led by idiots. While China, Russia and Iran are progressing by giving a helping hand to the developing world the US and its loyal lapdog strategic partners are squandering all their previous goodwill across the world by mindlessly hatching and launching wars that fatten their capitalist classes even at the cost of the well-being of their own peoples !

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