Why Doesn’t the International Criminal Court (ICC) Arrest Netanyahu?

The breakdown of international justice has a high probability and the International Criminal Court (ICC) has been controlled unlawfully (!) by the West.

Here is an interview with Professor Mariniello, who has studied the ICC.

The ICC works as a tool of the USA – and the criticism against ICC chief prosecutor Karim Khan is devastating:

  • For years, the ICC has publicly had an “investigation” into atrocities committed by Israeli settlers on the West Bank against Palestinians – but, Khan diverted no resources to that “investigation” and he and his people never visited the West Bank. 
  • The amount of resources for Gaza was (or is) only one fifth of what ICC prosecutor Khan spends on investigation Western allegations of Russian “crimes” in Ukraine.
  • The amount of time Mr. Khan’s investigators have spend with Jewish victims of 7 October 2024 is insanely disproportionate to the time Mr. Khan and his investigators have spend with the victims related to the around 30,000 killed civilians in Ghaza.And there are more examples how ICC chief prosecutor Khan is bending and twisting international criminal law to suit US-Israel – and unilaterally target Russia.

Even the whole legal foundation for the two investigations by ICC prosecutor Khan in Ukraine and Palestine is principally different.

In the case of Palestine, the legal foundation is clear: The ICC has admitted and recognized the Palestinian Authority as a state-party to the Rome convention, thus giving the ICC legal authority to investigate crimes committed in Palestine, even when such crimes are committed by Israel, which is not a part of the Rome convention.

In the case of Ukraine, neither Ukraine nor Russia is party to the Rome convention. It is therefore an absurdity and a gross violation of the principle of egality before the law, that the ICC has recognized – without any formal grounds – that the territory of Ukraine should be subject to ICC authority. It is not.

ICC prosecutor Khan’s “investigation” into Russia and his “arrest warrant” against Putin is in violation of the ICC mandate and the whole case brought by Mr. Khan against Russia and Mr. Putin is a phoney cooked-up story – in itself possibly a crime made by the prosecutor. It is absolutely outlandish that the ICC prosecutor mandates the arrest of Russian president Putin without any evidence that Putin was personally involved in anything, and on the flimsy grounds of Russia protecting civilians incl. children in the war zone of Ukraine.

Why Doesn’t the ICC Arrest Benjamin Netanyahu?

Israel’s crimes of genocide and mass murder in Gaza are several magnitudes bigger and better documented than any alleged “crime” committed by Russia in Ukraine. And contrary to any ICC case against Putin, the criminal intent of Israel’s leadership – including the intent of Benjamin Netanyahu to commit genocide – is clearly established in public speech.

By issuing arrest on Putin – and not Netanyahu – the ICC and its prosecutor Khan is committing a gross violation of basic law and principles of equal treatment.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is phony like the ICC. The ICJ president Donoghue conspicuously favored Israel by giving Israel too much time (a whole month) for reporting a post-card on its crimes and by not issuing stricter orders. Obviously, there must have been a lot of international pressure to remove the US judge Donoghue as president of the ICC. That is why the Lebanese judge Salam from February 2024 is appointed new president of the ICJ. Testifying to the continued US abuse of power on the ICJ is that while forced by immense pressure to accept the removal of Donoghue from the presidency of the ICJ, the US instead got appointed Sebutinde as vice-president of the ICJ. Sebutinde is the outlandish judge from Uganda who as the only judge on each and every point ruled even more favorably to Israel and the Israeli judge at the ICJ. 

See this.

Distortion of Justice

In the end, the ICJ and the ICC will themselves be condemned for any lack of capability to prosecute Israel – and for their bias towards Russia. The pressure on ICJ and ICC from the non-western community is immense – unprecedented – and it is therefore a break with the whole Western intention of creating these two institutions as their own puppets that these two institutions are now both forced, not willingly, but forced to take steps against Israel.

Yes, the ICJ and ICC will probably either violate their own laws and that the West will block any execution of the justice. Anyway, that situation will also – in and by itself – removed the disguise if “morality” – of “justice” – of “rules” – behind which the collective West has been hiding itself for centuries.

But anyway, the cases against Israel (and behind Israel USA and the collective West) are still monumental, because they one way or another are bringing a downfall of the West.

Karsten Riise is a Master of Science (Econ) from Copenhagen Business School and has a university degree in Spanish Culture and Languages from Copenhagen University. He is the former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Mercedes-Benz in Denmark and Sweden.

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