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A Prelude

This week’s update by Ben Fulford (bfu_jan31) and the WhiteHats (whr#34, whr#35)  indicate a close coordination on the fight against the Dark Cabal while trying to implement the necessary changes to the failed economic system. Unfolding events have confirmed previous updates from these sources to be accurate. The WhiteHats, from their end, have invited us to closely monitor what is about to happen in the United Kingdom, the mother corporation of the United States. If this is related to what the WDS previously demanded, i.e. that the Queen must relinquish the throne in favor of Diana’s son Harry (before April 1st?), then that could be one of those things that we can expect will happen from the inner sanctum of the British Empire, which could very well signal the beginning of the massive changes that we are impatiently awaiting.

Even if we have completely abandoned the idea of just “fixing the system” long ago in favor of a new untried resource-based economic system, we do welcome the commitment of the revolutionaries of today that they will release all those tightly guarded occult technologies, e.g. free energy technologies, for its responsible use and to effect the necessary development this planet badly needs.

While we prefer that the whole ceremony will be much shorter, we do understand that changing the world after it had been profoundly devastated does require elaborate countermeasures that may take considerable amount of time. One thing is sure: this revolution will not fail. All knowledge and resources are kept in multiple locations such that if one of them is compromised the others serving as backups can be used and released to the public. The suppression is finally ending.

Needless to say, we are savoring the last days of our being slaves and sheeples, of being treated as human-cattle. We are on the way to welcome a new era of unrestricted progress and development. The technological and economic changes that are forthcoming will require us all to take that paradigm shift – the complete abandonment of the old concepts in favor of the new. This may be discomforting for most of those who are still in the mainstream spectrum of our society, those that have no clue whatsoever that what they’ve known and told all these years are all lies. That the realities they have come to love and accepted are just nothing but imposed, manipulated elaborate illusions. This bunch will wonder what’s going on and such changes will come as a huge powerful shock to them. They surely need your help even at this “early” stage.

The technological advances that we have acquired over the last centuries have the capabilities of eradicating hunger, and disease within a year of its implementation. (For those who can’t wait for the official release of these technologies, most specifically in the field of healthcare, they can download “Towards Healthcare Emancipation”, to see how simple it is to defeat cancer and AIDS without ever using a single dose of antibiotic and without costing a limb and fortune to implement. This do-it-yourself “free medicine” eBook could be used to defeat Big Pharma and Eugenics that are two of the prime causes of the ongoing unbroadcasted revolution.) Environmental destruction can be reversed totally, and massive infrastructures that will benefit everyone will soon be built all over the face of the planet. There is not a single person that won’t be affected by the release of these global settlements and other trust funds already identified.

Looking forward, the combined release of these massive amounts of financial assistance to all the peoples around the world and the removal of all restrictions for the responsible use of free energy technologies, longevity, antigravity, teleportation, time travel and much of the occult knowledge will surely propel us to space and beyond. Making heaven truly a place here on Earth is already a foregone conclusion.

Consequently, our journey to the stars will then commence. Our children will soon discover unlimited worlds far beyond imagination. We will be meeting our brothers and sisters across star systems and galaxies. We will be traversing across timelines and parallel universes just for the sheer pleasure and knowledge they could bring. Our appreciation of the grandeur of Nature will grow deeper and deeper such that all superstitious beliefs will just vanish into oblivion.

There will also be a time in the future when we will reminisce this tumultuous moment in our history however painful this had been. We will remember how we faithfully swallowed everything the established institutions of today, i.e. government, schools, media and the church, had said. We will remember how we enthusiastically sent our children to schools hoping to leave behind a legacy founded on good education. We will remember how we confidently allowed mass vaccinations of our children until we found out that it defeated the former intention. On a more profound level, we will remember the prejudice, the arrogance, and the superiority complex that provided us a false sense of power over another. We will remember all of the things we are not supposed to be. More importantly, we will remember how we were so detached from ourselves and from each other, and that what had brought us together now is the unexpected realization that we needed each other in spite of all our differences.

On hindsight, we couldn’t avoid asking ourselves, “Was evil necessary for us to understand the virtue of mutual cooperation and peaceful coexistence?”Remember, this is how the Minions of the Dark justify their existence, the madness and the mayhem they have inflicted on all of us. Is there some logic to the assertion that in order to see the light we must experience darkness, that in order for us to demand goodness we must suffer the horrors of evil? Thus, our soul may gain Wisdom?

Whatever the case maybe, the next generations of our species may look at this juncture in our history with great respect and admiration for we have done what needed to be done to make them possible.

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