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We have seen the greatest collateral damage my country has to endure in 2013, which is always under-reported in mainstream media. Both the 7+ magnitude Bohol earthquake and the Cat 5 typhoon Hainan, during the last quarter alone, have brought so much misery and pain.

The loss of loved ones, friends and neighbors were so hard to bear. The impact was so great especially during the holiday seasons when everybody should have been home. For many of us, these words have lost their meanings. There’s nobody there to celebrate with and no home to be there anymore.

This is on top of the already dire economic conditions that the mortals who consider themselves godly had imposed upon us.

We have learned how to live with it for the last four centuries of their domination. We have adapted ourselves to the manipulated realities that they who have appointed themselves as the “Chosen Few” have imposed upon us.

Still, they have not been able to break the human spirit. They will never be.

Bangon Leyte

“Rise up, Leyte” is the rock concert we have organized together with local bands facing the Pacific who volunteered their time and talent, giving their best to the people, who survived the worst typhoon in history, something to celebrate on.

bangon leyte 2
That’s me on the 6-string acoustic. Haven’t touch that thing in 15 years. It’s karaoke’s fault 😉
bangon leyte
Everyone’s havin’ a good time last night. They can’t break us down. It’s high time now that they should realize that. ..    ..about time.

This is our way of telling them that they are not alone.

Together with the rest of the world, we welcome this New Year with great hope and pride. The battle is about to be won.

Happy New Year, Everyone. Thanks for all the support through all these years. We’ve never have survived without it.