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When Governments are Obsolete

“The purpose of government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the interests of the governed, not for the governors.”

Thomas Jefferson

I don’t know about your case, but the government that is running my country is more of a nuisance rather than a service provider.

Obviously, the purpose of any government is determined by those who created it. If it is created by the people then it should be for the people. But if it is created for the people then it may be serving only the purpose of those who actually created it – the elite.

The elite assume to be all-knowing when it comes to what’s best for the people. This is the root cause of the problems, few of which are the following:

  1. Privatized. Offering perks to entice foreign investments, e.g. tax breaks,; instituting austerity measures to be able to service foreign loans.
  2. Deadly. Government agencies are approving the use of chemicals that kills people but profits Corporations. Government health centers are administering deadly vaccines in the guise of immunizations. It would be too late to find out when epidemics are really caused by those immunization efforts.
  3. Tyrannical. With police and armed personnel at its disposal, government can be used for silencing whistleblowers, pacifying dissent, oppression of the weak, and exploitation from the powerful, which is the only way it can preserve itself.
  4. Unhealthy. Government agents were said to be arresting people who are living off-grids, gone organic, or using unconventional methods in generating food and power.
  5. Divisive. Governments declare war and promote division among different races around the world. This is in fact the real objective of the whole exercise, because the real intent of setting up governments is to put everyone in line in two or more opposing directions, to divide and conquer us all.
  6. Inefficient. Resolution of dispute takes time. Beneficial project implementation takes time. Basic public services are rendered with an actual budget that is less than the approved allocation.
  7. Costly. Each employee and so-called public servants, elected or appointed, require huge annual budget.
  8. Unreliable. Inconsistent and conflicting policies. Policies and public services are designed based on the dictates of greed, pride, emotion, self-preservation, etc.
  9. Unqualified personnel. Gangsterism and nepotism seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Political accommodations bypass all good intents in providing quality public services.
  10. False assumptions. Most people assume that their government is serving them by default because they are paying taxes. They still cling to that old idea that they own the government and those that are working in it must be public servants, when in reality, these public servants are there only to serve as an effective shield between all of us and the real power behind all governments.

In the treatise made by David Kline, he argued that a not-so-perfect government is more preferable than a society ruled by private corporations. Big government, he said, is right in breaking up huge monopolies that hindered or slowed down economic growth. On the other hand, he also acknowledged the technological advancements made by large corporations.

What he has failed to account though is the occurrence of governments being populated by corporate agents in the service of corporate interests. He also had inaccurately gave credit to corporations as the harbinger of technology rather than the exploiters of technicians themselves, who in actual fact toiled with their hearts and minds to solve problems to bring about “happiness” to the people. The corporations exist only in the whole economic equation for profit, and nothing else.

What the corporations have accomplished is to steer the global development in their direction, and to confine every aspect of it in their perpetual control.

The value of Kline’s eloquent arguments is therefore diminished and the motive of the two opposing positions [his and that of Gilder] is now suspected. The method known as dialectic comes to mind, i.e. the inducement of or the attempt to limit the options to only two possible positions or solutions to a problem.

He further argued that the concept of using computers in lieu of governments will disenfranchise those who don’t own computers. A fully computerized government is something that Jacque Fresco is very enthusiastic about because it does away with emotional decisions and is fast enough to be efficient.

Kline and others attack alternative revolutionary concepts by piecemeal, i.e. taking one aspect of the whole idea to debase the whole.

It must be fully understood that when computers are used to replace people in government, it’s for the purpose of analyzing accumulated data, and rendering decisions based on preprogrammed algorithms, which everybody have concurred to in an open-source environment. The open-sourced programming of the whole system will enforce the concept of democracy what the present electoral system could not.

The analysis and corresponding decisions are made at blazing speeds which ensures decisions can be made in real time. Fair and balanced decisions are consistently made due to the absence of emotions and vested interests in the making of these decisions. And because it involves open-source programming, transparency is inherently built into the system.

To put it simply, all relevant laws and policies will be translated into computer instructions so that all of these will be embedded into the components of the whole government infrastructure. This ensures uniform application of the same rules and policies across the entire spectrum of our society.

The idea of a computer-powered government is in conjunction with the release of free energy and other suppressed technologies. The notion of a disenfranchised individual fails because once these suppressed technologies are fully implemented, the same would never even need government no more, as basic needs are fully satisfied independently and readily accessible.

The concept of government providing security is also rendered obsolete as the primary cause of bad behavior is a hungry stomach which alters normal brain functions.

In a society that can afford to think at higher levels due to the full satisfaction of its basic needs, bad behavior is rendered an outcast by consequence. Each living entity would behave much differently than it is today, when the whole economic system is fully anchored on artificial scarcity.

When the occurrence of criminality is effectively reduced to nil, no trial courts shall exist.

When government is designed in such a manner as not for the glorification of anybody, but an ordinary tool to serve a predefined purpose, those purposes that Thomas Jefferson had in mind, that will be the time when the whole exercise of governing would become too insignificant, i.e. stringent control parameters are not use to oppress, to the disadvantage of the people it is supposedly designed to serve.

Realizing that we already have everything to make this untried concept a reality, and the cost of implementing it is a lot less than the maintaining the current but obsolete system, shall we all have the will to do it?

Make no mistake about it, for we cannot demand its full implementation from the very people that live and breathe within the toxic atmosphere of the existing one. The Alternative System must rise from a separate path, an alternative infrastructure that is akin to the decentralized internet.

If we are dissatisfied with current realities we must skip the complaining part, i.e. we’ve always done that and it has gotten us nowhere, and go directly to the doing. Surely, peace can be achieved by talking but meaningful change, i.e. progress and development, can only be achieved by doing.

When the global subscription to the Pyramid of Deception ceases to be, that obsolete infrastructure will lose its conjuring power to fool the Gullible.

Freedom from Obsolete Institutions, in all its forms – that is the only revolution we need to fight for.

We can start by doing something like this…

La merde! Heap of manure blocks French Assembly in odorous protest

French police stand guard near a lorry that displays a protest banner reading and a large pile of manure in front of the National Assembly in Paris, French police an municipal workers walk near a large pile of manure sits in front of the National Assembly in Paris A woman rides a bicycle past French police as a large pile of manure is removed in front of the National Assembly in Paris FRANCE-PARLIAMENT-ASSEMBLY FRANCE-PARLIAMENT-ASSEMBLY

… with our organic gardens and start living off-grid.

Photos: http://rt.com/in-vision/manure-protest-paris-assembly/manure-protest-national-assembly/

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