The Real Reason Behind The 911 Terror Is Control Over Global Collateral Accounts

Posted by benjamin
September 13, 2011 [updated 9/14/2011, 6:17pm]

Although a decade of research has proven a high level cabal at the top of the Western power structure was behind the 911 terror attacks, few realize the attack was an esoteric battle in a war for control of the global financial system.

Fewer still realize the 311 nuclear tsunami attack against Japan was also part of this battle. However, a critical mass of military, law-enforcement, banking and other officials has identified and is about to arrest the culprits behind these and other attacks.

The search for the ultimate culprits led to something known as the global collateral accounts and a high level group of conspirators that illegally took them over.

These accounts are backed by the pooled assets of many of the world’s governments and were meant to be used to finance peaceful development. Instead, they were mostly misspent on war by a group of misguided oligarchs concentrated in the financial, military, oil and (to a lesser extent) pharmaceutical industries.

According to a US intelligence group that has been on this case for some time, the top cabalists include George Bushes Jr.&Sr, Henry (Heinz) Kissinger, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Senator J. Rockefeller, Paul Wolfowitz, Frank Carlucci, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair and the Pope. Of course there were many thousands of working below them or else above them in the shadows who were in on the scheme. The intelligence and police agencies of the world have now obtained the codes for the global collateral accounts and can trace in detail who has been using these funds, and for what purpose, ever since they were hijacked in the 1950’s.

The main plot line, for those of readers who still do not have the big picture, goes back to the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944. At that time England, France and the US were supposed to run the global financial system for a 50-year period ending in 1994. However, in the 1950’s it became clear these countries were not going to keep their promises of Marshal Plans to develop Asia and Africa. Instead they wanted to finance a dialectical fake “cold war” between the Soviets and the “Western World,” in order to benefit the military, oil and related industries.

When U.S. President John F. Kennedy agreed with the 77-nation non-aligned group to create US treasury dollars to finance the development of the third world and a trip to the moon, he was killed. Over the coming decades other non-aligned leaders were also killed, hounded out of power or intimidated into silence.

The cold war was wound down and the Soviet Union was dismantled in the run up to the end of the US/French/British Bretton Woods financial mandates. However, the esoteric group at the top of the financial system could not agree on what was to come next.

The Chinese and their non-aligned allies around the world rightly argued that their turn had come. Furthermore, they were armed with multi-trillion dollar certificates of various sorts given to them by the Western Powers.

In one example, in 1938 7 US warships took vast amounts of Chinese gold to the US in order to keep it out of Japanese hands. In exchange the Chinese were given Treasury bonds that expired in 60-years or 1998. When that time came, the Chinese owners asked for their gold back but the owners of the Federal Reserve Board refused. The Feds were sued at the International Court of Justice in the Hague and lost.

The owners of the Fed were supposed to hand back the first shipment of gold on September 12th, 2001. As those of us who are not brainwashed understand, the Feds gave the world the “finger,” on September 11, 2001 and instead embarked on a vast new military build-up intended to replace the cold war.The problem with this fake war on terror is that it required the rest of the world to continue financing the US military industrial complex. That was predicated on the complex being able to maintain control over oil, the lifeblood of the 20th century economy.

When Putin kicked the cabalists out of Russia, suddenly the cabal’s control over oil, and thus their stranglehold over much of the world’s economy, began to collapse.

The battle has now raged on for a decade. The 911 attack on the US was followed up by the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan aimed at stealing oil and obtaining illegal drug money.

However, the entire plan began to crumble after 2006 when the Chinese began to stop buying US Treasury certificates. The cabal tried to counter this by jacking up food and oil prices. When that failed and a counterattack known as the “Lehman Shock” took place, they started sucking up to China and trying to bribe top Chinese officials with promises of a global Chinese dictatorship (in partnership with the cabal). This was seen in the news as US President Obama going to China in 2009 and offering a “G2.”

More action took place in June of 2009 when two Japanese carrying $134.5 billion of various bonds were seized in Italy and had their bonds taken. US military and law enforcement types followed the trail to an organization known as the OITC and a Cambodian royal family member by the name of R.C. Dam who theoretically was the legal signatory to the global collateral accounts. From there the trail led to cabal members located at the very top of the Western power structure.

Fearing arrest or more, a menagerie of top members of the Western Who’s Who popped out of the woodwork trying to cut deals and offering secrets.

Until this mess can be sorted out, a freeze has been put out at the very highest levels of the global financial system. This is what is ultimately behind the recent financial turmoil seen around the world. Because of the incredibly sensitive nature of the situation, a blanket of secrecy has been put in place until this mess can be sorted out.

The best intelligence available says that many cabal members will be put in jail while many others, who are judged to have sincerely worked with the greater good in mind, will be allowed to stay free and stay rich.

There will also be some sort of announcements to the global public at large about what has been going on. Humanity will then enter uncharted waters.

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Neil Keenan and Keith Scott

This letter came in and confirms what I have been hearing from my sources in Europe, Japan and the US. We are near the end game. Humanity is about to be freed.

Dear Benjamin,

It is all coming down :-

The meeting between the 57 Finance Ministers from around the world that took place on board a ship off the coast of Monaco is beginning to quietly emerge as a powerful and dynamic shift in Global Economics and potentially in Global Politics as former Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries who have sided with the Banking Cabal, are now already jumping ship and supporting the growing movement toward proper financial management of the Global Accounts around the World.

A cataclysmic shift in both Global Politics and Economics is now well under way. World Governments are coming to understand how the Global Banking System is systematically looting entire economies through theft, fraud, deception and manipulation, which in turn forces Governments to raise taxes that citizens should not have to pay.

At the meeting of 57 an understanding was created and this understanding has been formalized by the Co-Hosts of that meeting, the Swiss Government.  Our internal information indicates more than 80 Governments have issued the Acknowledgement of Memorandum of the Agreement and will formally sign when all Governments who have been invited to sign, formally do so.  Also from internal sources, we know that many more Governments will sign. Governments are starting to wise up to what are the underlying causes of financial disaster around the World. Their response is simple and if it could be paraphrased it would be “It is time to get these bums who think they run the world from behind closed doors and drown them like the rats they are”.

This now means that those, who in their arrogance sought to dominate and control the masses through their subterfuge and fraud, have deluded themselves into a corner from where there is now no escape for them. The entire financial mess the world is in will now prove to be a mirage that we, the innocent taxpayer, have been led to believe in.  Banks will soon be forced to abide by their Charters and to undertake business strictly according to their Charters.  The days of moving public income to the private side ledgers of the banks while they move their private liabilities to the public side ledgers are almost over.

The Banks have blamed the public for overspending.  Yet when the economy was hit in 2008 and there was need to provide the TARP funds to keep banks solvent, the banking gurus decided the citizens needed to spend more to kick start the economy. Then the Banks blame all the problems on the taxpayer, when in truth it was the Banks who were stealing and gambling with funds they mirrored from the Global Accounts for underwriting purposes.  In fact, they actually called the Global Account bonds as “Casino Bonds”.   I can bet, Heads I win and Tails, I don’t lose…the collateral accounts do. Great deal.

The whole thing was started when white dragon society members had 134.5 Billion in bearer bonds stolen from them by Daniele dal Bosco and a renegade officer of the now defunct Office of International Treasury Control (OITC), David Sale.  Sale, who despised his former boss Ray C. Dam deliberately set about to malign Ray C Dam and another former officer of OITC, a White Dragon, to Cambodian press and on various internet sites and Sale eventually sent documents he forged to Cambodian Police with the intention of incriminating Ray C. Dam and the White Dragon.  Sale believed he could take over OITC by conspiring with Giancarlo Bruno and others from the World Economic Forum, who in turn conspired to embroil and indeed did involve Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, in the illegal use of Bonds stolen from the White Dragons.

We have a world where the conveniences of power, money and deceit transform into levels of corruption, fraud and theft that stagger the mind with their proportions. We have people who see what is right and needs to be done, being ambushed by situations that destroy them as being useful in fighting the cabal that has threatened to enslave the world.

What nobody realized would happen, did happen.

When the OITC member became friends with the White Dragon Society, not enemies, that friendship was based on doing what is right and best for the world even in the face of the darkest and most blatant threats against their lives. A gunfight took place near the White Dragon member’s  home between those who would eliminate him and those who have been sent there to protect him. A known mafioso was caught near the home of a another White Dragon in Switzerland who had been helping. Sale made attempts to hire people in Italy to eliminate yet another White Dragon. Recently he had a very narrow escape when three heavy bags dropped from possibly as high as 35 floors above missed him by mere inches.  Ray C. Dam was imprisoned for more than eight months in Cambodia and we know people were paid to dispose of him permanently an activity that it seems the Government of Cambodia tolerated and the United States Government refused to render any assistance to Dam, a United States citizen.  He only survived due to the efforts of the White Dragon Society members. These men know the dangers, as key people who were close to them have been eliminated in the past. A White Dragon friend Joe Bendana died in very suspicious circumstances in New Jersey. Another friend was lost in Andreas Jawurek, a Swiss lawyer who pushed the envelope too far with one of the banks and who was found with a gunshot wound to the head.

White Dragon Society members presented the plans they developed and their intentions to the Governments who attended the meeting in Monaco and the Governments like it.  One key White Dragon  may have his enemies, but he has emerged from over 20 years of working around the Global Accounts to become one of the very few in the world with a true understanding of economics as they relate to these accounts. Another one is a pit bull that knows no fear and has the clarity of mind and purpose that staggers the imagination.

The plan calls for a complete reigning in of the banks and to force them to work according to their Charters, and bankers who fail to comply will face the consequences of their actions. In America, it has been estimated that the US Debt could be eliminated with less than four years through this one device. Taxes could be driven down to their lowest level since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

It is estimated that taxes on the people could be reduced heavily and in many cases eliminated. This is done simply by forcing Banks to pay back to Treasury what they have been stealing in almost every country in the World. Force them to make proper pass back to Treasury Direct instead of stealing the wealth of their clients through fraud and deception.

Put this together with proper oversight, which will take men of resolve and courage such as the above mentioned White Dragons, men who understand the real cause of economic problems, and then the economic problems we are told exist, will simply vanish, for they are no more than a mirage. If you do not believe this, then add the trillions in profits that banks tender as trading profits and the bonuses they pay themselves for the United States alone, and you will have considerably more than the annual deficit growth. Are these earnings from honest labor?   Not at all. They are the earnings gained from misrepresentation, fraud,  theft, deception and manipulation. They steal the homes of hard working people, people who have been disadvantaged by the rush of banks to pay shareholders ever increasing dividends and themselves ever increasing salaries and bonuses.

Clean up the trading markets of banks and ensure money goes where it is supposed to go.

Once the accounts are in the hands of men who will ensure they are used as they should be, then the problems the world faces today in the disenfranchisement of the working middle class will cease. All countries will have equitable access to the Global Accounts, no matter what their politics.

This change is coming. The countries that have already decided their assets within the Global Accounts System shall be brought under proper control have also decided that Keenan and Scott, the men who have defined where the problems really lie and have fearlessly moved to resolve these problems should also be the men who will oversee the accounts.

We are on the cusp of a whole new era for the world.

One thing the “rats” should realize, no matter how powerful they think they are, Governments make the laws. In the end, these rats that own the Federal Reserve System and the Global Banking System are subject to law, and their days manipulating politicians will come to a very hard end as the politicians wake up.


Senior International Finance official.

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Update, 10 August 2015:

For those who are asking for evidence about these issues, they only have to ask themselves why thousands of CEOs, mostly bankers, tendered their resignations in 2012, or thereabout:

Why these bankers’ resignations were punctuated by the Papal Resignation itself, a first in the last 600-year history of the Vatican Church and Vatican Bank?

The only explanation is the covert withdrawal of Asian hard assets from the fiat financial system which is part of the offensive against the Khazarian Luciferian Mafia enslaving the population.

Here’s the video summarizing the covert offensives as shown through a primetime mainstream TV broadcast to the Russian audience… Click on CC for English subtitles.

For the latest Ben Fulford update, just check the page below every Mondays or Tuesdays:

Update, 7 August 2015:

It’s been almost four years since this article was written and so many things have happened, so many lives were lost in the battle for global control. Worse, some turned out to be embedded agents of the enemy.

If you want to meet some of the Good Men who persevered and have stayed the course no matter the cost in the fight for the neutralization of the Nazionist Cabal and for the recovery of the Collateral Accounts which will be used for global redevelopment,  poverty alleviation and for ending environmental destruction, watch the video interview in this article.

We had a very healthy exchange with a Jesuit agent, too, at the comment section of that article.

For the latest update on the efforts to recover the Global Collateral Accounts, please click on the link below:

One of the significant sources of funds for the fascist Nazionist Jesuit Khazarian Mafia is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone.

We can help take down the Dark Cabal by avoiding drugs, defeat any viral attack and scaremongering easily by knowing how to build our own comprehensive antiviral system. Find more about it here.

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  1. That’s interesting that those Bonds the Chinese were due for expired in 1998, when Bin Laden came onto the Global scene and announced why the Islamic world should wage war on the West.. I just read about it in another article.. makes sense, since he was linked to being a C.I.A. operative.. it all comes together….

    Wanton killing of innocent civilians is terrorism, not a war against terrorism.

    NOAM CHOMSKY, 9-11

  2. Mr. Fullford:
    Why is it not possible to find any other mention of the Chinese gold shipment or any description of its size anywhere except your article?

    Paul Repstock

  3. Mr. Fullford: can you provide any citations or evidence for your articles? People are afraid and confused, lies and propaganda swirl around us like a fog. There needs to be a solid foundation of evidence for credibility. The only thing I have at this point is a link I aquired long ago about the $134 billions in bearer bonds.

    Paul Repstock

  4. Is that what happened to Australian Prime Minister Holt, who went missing off a beach in Australia? It would be good for Australians to know if he, like Kennedy, truly was a statesman of merit, and not one of the cabal.

  5. What are the implications of the Snowden revelations about NSA/GCHQ on the efforts of reformers of the world economic system who seek truth and justice for the whole world?

    Who is spying on WDS and like-minded reformers? Who is spying on the financial oligarchs of the old order, new order and any fascist order?

    Have some WDS sources gone silent or resorted to encryption as a result of the bulk surveillance of whole populations in all of their electronic communications and transactions?


  6. At issue is that such efforts will not truly change the system, merely reboot it for a future set up/takeover. Why? Hidden in plain sight “MEN of resolve”…etc. The system was created by men, for men, just as the laws were created by men, for men. To quote Abigail Adams, addressing her husband John Quincy Adams: “Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of husbands. Remember all men would be tyrants if they could.” And: “If we mean to have heroes, statesmen, and philosophers, we should have learned women.” For such statements, J.Q. Adams ridiculed and berated her. Many women, such as myself, have been similarly ridiculed and berated.

    By simply “rebooting” the system, you ensure its perpetuation. If we truly want to end tyranny, then end it! The time to cease this game is now. But of course this will mean that men, who own 98% of the world’s resources, must relinquish their ownership. I challenge our male “leaders” to do same and ensure a legacy where all humans can be truly free. Prove that you are the better men. Prove it.


  8. Sounds like a Benjamin Fulford article and I trust little if anything of what that hardcore Zionist spews. he is a POS.

  9. I came here via a link to & Ex-Intel Family members tell of Secret Space Program: associated with the above issue & feel this needs posted here too.
    Let me attempt to communicate via a mathematical slant rather than the limits of mere language. English is a collection and rather like an art. Math is supposed to be a science.
    I will tell you that 60% of what Corey Goode—“whistleblower”/disinfo-recipient re: Secret Space Program—plus the Galactic Command, White Hats, Global Reset, White Dragon Society, and the Alliance is a combination of bs/lies and wishful thinking. Much of this is like ghosts, Halloween goblins, and false flags. They exist, but the genuine danger is that of allowing your being to become terrorized (fear-based thus loss of your energy=Their gain/food). This exists in your mind. 5 dimensional beings, of which ghosts are only one kind, cannot harm you physically. Demons of the past and “E.T.s” from a degenerated future Time-line damage you only when you allow them to get a spell over you.
    Take notice that 80% of what the mainline “news,” TV, and government agents tell you is lies and in their minds. Should we pay them attention or treat them as ghosts? TV news personalities are the losers despite their big debt/bucks. Anyone who believes their puke/regurgitation loses to that % too.
    Successful graduates of high school & universities are taught that 10 tokens + 1 token in interest = 10. This is 100% incorrect math.
    If you owe another, that entity owns you due to the debt they hold on your head. In plain English, that means you are a slave to said contracted bondholder.
    When a rural town made up of conservatives has 100% of their electronic voting machines determine that Obama wins the election and no one knows anyone in town that voted for Obama, do you suppose Hillary or Jeb will win the next election?
    I read that only 15% of Egyptians participated in their recent election because 85% think their process is a fraud. Does this mean Americans are more naive? or are we just not standing up and screaming, “Lies, lies, and liars.”
    So, what are you supposed to do? Ask yourself, “Where do I stand in this mess?” For the most part, welfare zombies and the government are bloodsuckers. They now out number the producers of goods and only produce 2 dimensional paper work. Note: the FED Reserve Note or tokens are 2 dimensional IOUs. When an IRS agent busted me for working, I looked him up and politely asked him what I was then supposed to do. He informed me that I was soon to be 62 and I should go on Social Security. As a SSI acceptor, I too have now become to that % a bloodsucker, although I at least got Them to make “a criminal” out of me to get at me. (my Amazon e-Book $ales do not even pay for the gas on my home-on-wheels car.) This is an example of how the math/zombification of a debt-based economy plays out. The issuance of debt-based tokens/paper is the most evil of anything I know of. It even causes the elite to degenerate. The Cabal knows this and that is why They are now fighting amongst Themselves.

    Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad and Putin were not terrorized by the Federal Reserve. JFK and RFK were afraid of the CIA, the Mafia, the FED, secret societies, and Marilyn Monroe. We have officially been told 100% lies regarding their ends.
    When I was a little boy I refused to play musical chairs at a Halloween party because everyone lost except the one that got the remaining chair. I knew the odds were stacked against everyone else. It was like Russian Roulette. Why participate in such a scam? Today the bankster or an underling like a Hillary occupies that last chair.
    Putin appears to be a savior upon the scene, but at the end of the day, if he continues to allow his nation and those he has sway over, have their tokens issued at any attached interest rate, then he is no better than the West.
    China is the only nation I was aware of lately that had their national yuan issued with no strings of debt/slavery/usury attached. The only major religion that is against usury today is Islam.
    I have no love for politicians and lawyers. Neither did the writers of the Original 13th Amendment. But, has the public fallen asleep since 1913 or did they miss the Point back at the close of our Civil War and in 1871? Did they not realize the South fought for State’s Rights and the North fought for slavery and the blacks were not given freedom. Furthermore, the rest also became slaves under the 14th Amendment? Should we always blame everything on the liars? How much a part do we play in this game when we go along and accept lies upon lies? Benghazi was only one truth that is slipping through our fingers.
    Was George Bush senior finally coming clean recently? before his handlers ushered him away after he quoted actor Jack Nicholson from the movie A Few Good Men, and said, “You can’t handle the truth.”
    Perhaps only 3% can handle the truth. If additional people will speak up that % will increase at a rapid rate.Perhaps only 3% can handle the truth regarding UFOs—not the mere tiny lights in our skies—plus 5th dimensional beings, the 2 dimensional flat Earth, zombies, agents, disinformation recipients, Black Ops and “breakaway civilizations”. In reality, this % may be far greater if you ignore what mainline media likes to portray/lie/ridicule/pretend/report the number to be. At any rate, if additional people will speak up and even act upon it, that % will increase at a rapid rate.
    Do the math. Count on your fingers. Does 40% trump 100%?

    1. Yes.People can handle the truth.They however require emotion regulation skills due to all the shit they’ve been spoon fed for so long.People can get assistance to get out of auto pilot and not have their minds blown lmao.We should stop underestimating people.Babies are born great-people get wrecked by bad behaviour classified as good behaviour by a dysfunctional culture and or society.People’s hearts can close..then open again.It is absolutely possible to have a harmonious..peaceful planet but only if information is shared rather than concealed and the propaganda stops.

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