Project Blue Book Now Available Online

Buried below the web page of Washington Post is a rare disclosure on UFOs from the United States’ Project Blue Book reinforcing the “conspiracy theory” to  deliberately fool the population that they are alone in the universe.

This disclosure, is of course, incomplete.
They are probably planning a big deal about it, probably a grand announcement by some self-serving politicians.

Two decades of mysterious Air Force UFO files now available online

January 21 at 7:48 AM

This is one of three photos of a supposed UFO taken by Rex Heflin on Aug. 3, 1965, near Santa Ana, Calif. Heflin was an Orange County highway department investigator. (AP Photo/Rex Heflin)

Documents newly available online explore the case of alleged aliens in Orange County, Calif., in 1965.
If not interrogated or probed by hostile alien beings, those lucky enough to see an unidentified flying object may consider themselves blessed. While their experience may be the result of optical illusion, mental illness or alcohol consumption, they have some margin of proof, however slim, that mankind is not alone in the universe.
Until, of course, the United States government shows up. All too often, Uncle Sam has pedestrian — and, for those open to conspiracy theories, suspect — explanations for UFOs. Unidentified flying objects are the result of swamp gas. Unless they’re weather balloons. Or the planet Venus.
So read the files of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book — official records of more than 12,000 UFO sightings between 1947 and 1969 available online in a searchable database for the first time.
“This is as accessible as they’ve ever been,” said John Greenewald in a telephone interview with The Washington Post. The 33-year-old UFO enthusiast and filmmaker built the database, a 130,000-page treasure trove called the Black Vault, using images he and another researcher obtained. “It’s a very comprehensive way of looking at the documents,” he said.
But all the tales the Black Vault tells do not end with Earthlings in communion with advanced beings. These files — which do not include the famous 1947 Roswell sighting — are filled with questionable UFOs that are not the stuff of detailed Wikipedia pages.
Example: Joseph Simonton of Wisconsin who, in 1961, said he hung out with a few E.T.’s who fed him pancakes.

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