Bomb Blast In Bangkok Kills 'At Least 27'

After the Tianjin China Blast which killed a hundred and still counting,  a bomb exploded in Bangkok Thailand’s busiest central district. Scores dead.
Some of the planned attacks were previously thwarted, but certainly this week’s Cabalist offensives were not.
We are entering a new phase of the endgame. Asia is now under an open war with Nazionists.

Huge Explosion Hits Central Bangkok, Casualties Reported

Thai soldiers inspect the scene after a bomb exploded

At least 27 people, including 8 foreigners have been killed and 80 injured in a major blast in Thailand’s capital Bangkok, local broadcaster reported. Most of those injured are Chinese tourists.

Earlier police have confirmed 12 people had been killed and dozens sustained injuries in the blast.
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff9900″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] According to, several cars were set ablaze by the blast, which took place near the Erawan Shrine in the city center, a popular tourist attraction.

Bomb Blast In Bangkok Kills ‘At Least 27’

ft least 27 people have been killed and 80 injured after a bomb exploded in central Bangkok, local media say.

Four foreigners are thought to be among the dead.
The blast happened near the Erawan Hindu shrine in the downtown Chidlom district of the Thai capital – a shopping hub popular among tourists.
A second bomb inside the shrine has been discovered and defused, while there are reports of a third device on a train that teams have now neutralised.
CCTV footage showed a huge orange fireball as the bomb exploded, and people fleeing down the street.

Witnesses described seeing bodies “shredded” in the street, while locals said the explosion sounded similar to a loud thunderclap.
Initial reports suggested the bomb was on a motorcycle, but Thai media are now suggesting it was planted underneath a bench.
Many of those wounded are from China and Taiwan, local media say.
No-one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

One government minister said he believes the attackers chose the shrine to damage the tourism industry and the economy.
Deputy national police chief Aek Angsananond said: “All I can say now is there has been an explosion in central Bangkok involving a motorcycle bomb.”
Former Bangkok resident Lucinda-Jane Chastain, who was having cocktails in a hotel above the blast site, told Sky News: “The whole building shook. We all ran to the windows. It was quite hard to see what was happening but we could see debris in the street.
“All we can see is a horrible mess on the road. This is at the very heart of Bangkok.”

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