Political West Took $12 Billion in Gold from Ukraine Since February

The plunder of Ukraine has been going on for over 3 decades now. Since the unfortunate events of the late 1980s and early 1990s, the country has been the target of various entities from the political West.

The economy, scientific potential, natural resources and the people of Ukraine themselves have been subjected to one of the worst cases of exploitation in recent history.

The economy has been plundered by the corrupt oligarchs, while the country experienced a severe brain drain, leading to complete degradation of its once word-class scientific potential, despite the fact that the country’s scientific institutions were essential in endeavors like space exploration, which was of prime importance for the entire mankind.

Ukraine’s vast natural resources are being stolen to this day, while the population of the country has suffered tremendously, being subjected to various forms of brutal exploitation. Millions of Ukrainian girls and women have been forced into prostitution, providing a constant supply of sex slaves for decades.

All this led to a catastrophic decline in population, which dropped from 52 million in 1991 to 41 million in 2021, a staggering 21% decline in just 30 years. And just as it seemed things couldn’t possibly get worse, the political West intervened in 2014 and installed a puppet government filled with a volatile mix of corrupt oligarchs and openly Neo-Nazi organizations, plunging the country into a war with its own population, and setting the stage for a conflict with Russia, a military superpower in possession of the world’s most powerful nuclear arsenal.

At present, as Ukraine is left with very little to be plundered, the Kiev regime decided to give up the country’s last vestiges of national wealth – its gold reserves. According to Gold Seek, the Kiev regime has recently handed over at least $12 billion of Ukrainian gold reserves to the United States. It appears those might be the last gold reserves the country has left.

Since Russia began its special military operation in February, the political West, led by the US, has appropriated tens of billions of dollars of Ukraine’s foreign exchange and gold reserves. After receiving tens of billions of dollars in so-called “military aid”, as well as financing for its government institutions, the Kiev regime was forced to give up its gold reserves as a condition for all US and EU “assistance”.

The author of the report, Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer of Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc, said: “Since Russia began its attack on Ukraine’s non-Crimean territory in February, the United States and its allies have appropriated tens of billions of dollars in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

So why would Ukraine need to sell its gold reserves unless doing so was a condition of all that U.S. and European assistance, especially since the United States already had taken custody of the Ukrainian gold?

Stripping the wounded of their valuables in wartime always suggests greed or desperation — like desperation to keep the gold price down to support the U.S. dollar and other Western currencies…”

Last week, Reuters also reported that the Kiev regime had handed over the country’s gold. According to the report, Ukraine’s Central Bank has sold $12.4 billion of gold reserves since the beginning of Russia’s special military operation on Feb. 24, the bank’s deputy head said on July 17.

“We are selling (this gold) so that our importers are able to buy necessary goods for the country,” Deputy Governor Kateryna Rozhkova told national television. She stated the gold was not being sold to shore up Ukraine’s hryvnia currency.

The Kiev regime has been on financial (and other forms of) “life support” for years, as it’s been severely mismanaging the economy for nearly a decade. The political West obviously wanted to make sure it drained the last drop of the unfortunate country’s lifeblood, in addition to setting up a sort of an insurance policy to ensure its so-called “aid” wasn’t provided free of charge.

With the steady advance of Russian and DNR/LNR forces in Donbass, the regime is highly unlikely to survive beyond 2022, let alone prevail, especially as the so-called “military aid” it got has proven to be effective only in the propaganda war.

Despite the Kiev regime’s and Western state-run mainstream media efforts to portray the provided weapons as supposed game-changers, beyond certain tactical successes, they’ve proven to be largely inconsequential.

According to various reports, the Russian military has already destroyed most of the weapons sent by the political West and its numerous satellite states. In addition to getting rid of rusty, old hardware, which directly benefits NATO (primarily the US) Military Industrial Complexes, the political West also gains the opportunity to sell newer weapons, particularly fighter jets, to replace older platforms, along with taking a larger share of the immensely profitable global weapons market.

And it is precisely the Kiev regime that is paying for it with the money, resources and now gold earned by countless generations of Ukrainian people. Worse yet, the population itself is paying for it in blood, as Ukrainian men are essentially being kidnapped and sent to almost certain death in a fight they cannot hope to win.

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst.

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  1. AngloAmerica always looking for markets in whatever commodity, human or otherwise. Plunder is their motto, self benefit their objective.

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