Western-Supplied Cruise Missiles and Depleted-Uranium Shells in Ukraine Destroyed

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that over the past week, there have been 12 significant strikes targeting military infrastructure.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, some of Ukraine’s Western-supplied cruise missiles and depleted-uranium shells were destroyed in a series of these strikes.

These attacks, carried out by Russian forces since last Sunday, targeted various Ukrainian locations, including aircraft and armored vehicle repair facilities, oil refineries, ammunition depots, foreign-made arms storage, training centers for Ukrainian saboteurs, and accommodations occupied by foreign mercenaries.

The statement from the Russian Defense Ministry also mentioned that high-precision, long-range ground- and air-based missiles, as well as drones, were employed during these strikes.

As a result of these attacks, the logistics system of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions suffered significant damage.

Part of the stocks of cruise missiles and depleted uranium shells supplied to Ukraine by Western supporters were destroyed in these strikes, along with foreign-made multiple rocket launchers and air-defense systems.

Ukraine had received Storm Shadow/SCALP-Eg long-range, air-launched cruise missiles from the UK and France earlier this year, which it used to target Russian locations, including those in Crimea.

Notably, Storm Shadows were used in an attack on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, with Russia’s Defense Ministry reporting the interception of five incoming missiles, but with debris damaging the building and causing a fire.

The West, particularly Britain and the US, has been providing Ukraine with depleted-uranium shells. These munitions were intended for use with Challenger 2 tanks donated by London to Kiev, and President Joe Biden announced the forthcoming supply of Abrams M1 tanks armed with depleted-uranium shells.

The delivery of these munitions has raised concerns, as their use during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 was associated with a significant increase in cancer and other diseases.

Russia has repeatedly cautioned that Western arms deliveries to Ukraine, as well as other forms of support, will not resolve the conflict but will only prolong it.

Russian officials argue that Western nations have effectively become parties to the conflict due to their provision of arms, intelligence-sharing, and training of Ukrainian troops.

2 thoughts on “Western-Supplied Cruise Missiles and Depleted-Uranium Shells in Ukraine Destroyed”

  1. Pity Ukrainians, their country was turned into battleground for proxy war. Pity the neglected Palestinian people.
    This is a strong impression of the spirit of defeating Russia.

  2. Yeah, this completes the other dimension of the “Arm-and-get-on” business. Armageddon or not the low-tech war tools must be got rid off one way or another and lucratively capitalized on by the MICs. Poor Ukrainians are made to be the collateral damages in this dirty business !

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