‘Reckless’ Western Politicians Have Lost the Sense of Self-Preservation

According to the top Russian diplomat, NATO’s actions have surged to levels unseen since the conclusion of the Cold War. He contends that the US-led coalition within NATO has engaged in exercises that simulate nuclear attacks against Russia.

Furthermore, he asserts that Washington is actively pursuing a strategy to demonstrate its military strength in the Asia-Pacific region. This strategy involves forging military-political partnerships with countries such as Australia, South Korea, and Japan, with the aim of fostering increased collaboration with NATO.

Lavrov cautioned that these actions could potentially generate a fresh and highly volatile geopolitical conflict, alongside the existing European one. He further pointed out that Western leaders seem to have become so oblivious to consequences that they have forsaken their “instinct for self-preservation.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, addressing the UN General Assembly, expressed that there is a unique opportunity for the world to attain “genuine democratization” in global affairs through the establishment of a multipolar world order. This represents the inaugural occasion for such a prospect since the conclusion of World War II.

Lavrov also asserted that the United States and its Western partners are actively working to obstruct this progress. They are doing so by inciting fresh conflicts with the intention of creating divisions among nations, all in an effort to maintain their “dominance over the global majority.”

According to Lavrov, the United States and its allies continue to resist the concept of equality in global diplomacy. He argues that Americans and Europeans persist in having a condescending attitude toward the rest of the world, which results in their inflexibility during negotiations.

Lavrov also stated that Washington and its partners frequently make commitments but fail to follow through on them. In the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, he described the Western nations as the true “empire of lies” at present.

According to the Russian foreign minister, there is a unique opportunity, the first of its kind since the establishment of the United Nations in 1945, to establish a genuinely democratic global order. He noted that the “global majority,” comprising nations from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, is increasingly pursuing self-reliance, equality, and the recognition of their sovereignty in international affairs.

Lavrov emphasized that Russia sees no alternative to this course of action, and this reality instills optimism among those who advocate for the supremacy of international law and desire to witness the United Nations regain its central role as the primary coordinating body in global politics.

The Russian foreign minister pointed out that the United States and its allies are actively working to delay the emergence of a multipolar world order. They do this by instigating conflicts that artificially divide humanity into opposing factions, hindering the pursuit of common objectives.

He emphasized that the West wants to impose its self-serving rules on the world, while the international community should instead aim for a world where everyone collaboratively addresses issues based on a fair balance of interests.

Lavrov also called for the immediate and complete removal of sanctions imposed on countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and Syria. He argued that these unilateral punitive measures violate the principle of sovereign equality among nations and impede the development rights of these countries. He criticized the West for manipulating its sanctions policies to exert pressure on those it deems undesirable.

Regarding the conflict in Ukraine, Lavrov stated that Russia is open to talks at any time but will not consider any ceasefire agreements. He mentioned that Russia and Ukraine had almost reached an agreement in the early stages of the conflict but claimed that this process was disrupted by Ukraine’s Western supporters.

Lavrov emphasized that Russia respects Ukraine’s sovereignty in accordance with its declaration of independence and constitution, which also declare Ukraine’s non-aligned status and respect for the Russian language and Russian-speaking minorities.

Lavrov asserted that the United States and its allies are de facto engaged in a conflict with Russia, which he referred to as a hybrid war. He noted that Western nations are providing arms and training to Ukraine, effectively using Ukrainian forces as proxies against Russia.

Western nations openly state that they aim to defeat Russia on the battlefield, and Lavrov mentioned that Russia is prepared for such a scenario, saying that if they want it to be on the battlefield, then so be it.

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