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Meet The Pilot Who Shot Down Malaysian Boeing MH-17

Normally, those pawns are to be eliminated later on after a questionable  covert mission is completed. It happened with the Seal Team who killed Osama Bin Laden again, more than 10 years later after the first death.
We, and Russia, are fortunate to have them alive and able to tell us the Truth about the events leading to the shooting down of Flight MH-17 on July 17, 2014.
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Pravda Releases Sat Image of Ukrainian Plane Shooting Flight MH-17

An alleged satellite photo of a Ukrainian fighter plane shooting down the Malaysian flight MH-17 has been released through the Russian media.
This image explains why the ill-fated plane’s cockpit were decorated with holes as can be seen at the crash site.
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Flight MH-370 Victims Reused for MH-17 False Flag

Just a few hours ago, we’ve been discussing with John G about the possibility of the victims of Flight MH-370 being used as the passengers of Flight MH-17 due to the initial reports of people seeing “rotten carcases falling from the skies” to stage another false flag operation over Southeast Ukraine.

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What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?

Exclusive: The U.S. media’s Ukraine bias has been obvious, siding with the Kiev regime and bashing ethnic Russian rebels and Russia’s President Putin. But now – with the scramble to blame Putin for the Malaysia Airlines shoot-down – the shoddy journalism has grown truly dangerous, says Robert Parry.
By Robert Parry
In the heat of the U.S. media’s latest war hysteria – rushing to pin blame for the crash of a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin – there is the same absence of professional skepticism that has marked similar stampedes on Iraq, Syria and elsewhere – with key questions not being asked or answered.
The dog-not-barking question on the catastrophe over Ukraine is: what did the U.S. surveillance satellite imagery show? It’s hard to believe that – with the attention that U.S. intelligence has concentrated on eastern Ukraine for the past half year that the alleged trucking of several large Buk anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia to Ukraine and then back to Russia didn’t show up somewhere.
Russian-made Buk anti-missile battery.
Yes, there are limitations to what U.S. spy satellites can see. But the Buk missiles are about 16 feet long and they are usually mounted on trucks or tanks. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 also went down during the afternoon, not at night, meaning the missile battery was not concealed by darkness.
So why hasn’t this question of U.S. spy-in-the-sky photos – and what they reveal – been pressed by the major U.S. news media? How can the Washington Post run front-page stories, such as the one on Sunday with the definitive title “U.S. official: Russia gave systems,” without demanding from these U.S. officials details about what the U.S. satellite images disclose?
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Wrong Aircraft Identified As Malaysia Flt MH-17 Fuels Doubts

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