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Osama: The Only Man Who Officialy Died Twice

Navy SEALs are scrambling on who gets the credit so they could profit from it. Maybe, that’s what they were promised as compensation for staging a fake covert op in Pakistan. Other members of the dreaded SEAL Team Six went with the Chinook helicopter when it crashed mysteriously in Afghanistan.
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"Navy Seal Killed Obama" – CNN

I almost miss this, but I guess the mainstream media are so frustrated with Obummer for his so-called secret letter to the Iranian President.
Or, maybe the whole Osama Killed bin Laden narrative is crumbling down by the fact that too many have already knew that the real Osama bin Laden died years ago of kidney malfunction.

Oops, Mr President! CNN typo ‘Navy SEAL killed Obama’ has Twitter in stitches (VIDEO)

Published time: November 08, 2014 14:37

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