Reckless US Foreign Policy; Preemptive Nuclear War against Russia and China

While the crazed and corrupt people who comprise the Democratic Party and US print and TV media continue to insist that Russiagate is real, a very real threat is emerging in Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. The threat arises from the fact that Washington has taught each country to have no trust in America’s veracity. The governments of the four countries have learned that everything Washington says is a lie. Continue reading

The Deep State Coup that Must be Defeated Now

Unless you want a full blown nuclear exchange, the ongoing Deep State coup against the Trump administration must be done with, quickly. As the armies of China and Russia are at their tipping point already, as nothing good has come from the White House yet, inch by inch, the planet is moving closer to its own extinction — all because of the few losers that are still at large. Continue reading