The Old World is Collapsing, Where Do We Go From Here?

Having accepted the glaring facts that the obsolete paradigm is on its way out, there’s now a lot of intelligent speculations as to where exactly are we going.

Veterans in the study of oligarchical conspiracy to control the masses are not easily pleased and have forwarded very scholarly concerns about the dangers of technocracy, a globally encompassing dictatorial regime aided by the best technologies of the day and the best minds in the artificial intelligence community.

There’s also a valid argument that the so called environmental concerns that needed to be addressed now are being exploited to justify the age old plan of micromanaging our everyday lives in a manner that can only be described as absolute totalitarian.

Just recently, no less than nine of the world’s largest investment banks including JPMorgan and Goldman Sucks are in the process of developing their own version of crypto currency like BitCoin, adding credence to the above concerns about technocracy, and the Bilderberg 2015 plan to shift to Artificial Intelligence as the primary backbone in its march towards Technocratic Dictatorship.

The redeeming virtues of Bitcoin are its being decentralized and highly advanced encryption that the FBI is still having a hard time accessing 600,000 BTC of the Silk Road wallet [here]. But putting that same level of trust into a digitized currency under the control and influence of a group of bankers notorious for rigging the markets?

Insanity really has no way of knowing when to stop.
The European Union’s “free cross-border movement” is another of those Cabalist’s unsavory jokes.

US Economist Predicts Collapse of EU Amid Refugee Crisis

The current refugee crisis is putting the EU’s fundamental principles on the line and may become the beginning of the end of the 28-nation association, Citigroup’s chief economist warned.

 “The refugee crisis is undermining the EU’s fundamental principle of free cross-border movement within the Union… This is effectively throwing the EU’s very future in question,” Willem Buiter, global chief economist at Citigroup, told RIA Novosti news agency on Wednesday.

“This may signal the beginning of the end, the stakes are extremely high,” he warned.

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Why would you try to eliminate billions of people when you can keep them all slaves still through the institution of a virtual marriage between machines and humans?

They have seen the day when we could defeat their genocidal plans and now they have updated their strategies faster than we could widely anticipate.
There’s also a recent report that a certain Bo Mikael Lindstrom has been navigating along the perimeter of the Venus Project movement for some time now. Just in case you missed this subject, he is behind the “Ambassador and his True Vision of Peace” scam [here].
The Venus Project is an honest and well intentioned open global movement advocating for a true  resource-based economy and Jacque Fresco, its founder, has been harboring the idea for the last 60 years, which could tie in nicely to the UN-Vatican led “all inclusive economic system” if only personalities of proven unquestionable integrity are on board with the latter, but a Jesuit Pope?
The concept of releasing all technological and material resources for our responsible utilization is a very good idea, but it can also automate abusive intentions when put under the control of the Globalists.
Seeing the Highest CEO of the Mother of All Corporations responsible for keeping the gullible masses under its blood soaked soutane for thousands of years, who happens to be a Jesuit, speaking about “sustainable, all inclusive economic system’ only increases the notion that we are not really moving away from the One World Government scenario, but are navigating towards it in full throttle.

Syrian man salvages furniture from his home that was destroyed in bombing, in the northwestern city of Maraat al-Numan, Syria
Syrian man salvages furniture from his home that was destroyed in bombing, in the northwestern city of Maraat al-Numan, Syria

All these concerns are based on the fact that we haven’t seen the parade of scoundrels on shiny handcuffs yet. We were promised that a takedown of an estimated 1 million Satanists have to take place first before a new system is to be laid out. This did not happen yet.

Rothschild Family

Add to that is the fact that in the United States we are still seeing the same players and actors doing the same sophisticatedly boring microphone gymnastics all over again. The only real consolation this time is that we are partially entertained by the presence of the biggest corporate clown himself, The Trump.

We may find some resonance in what Trump is saying and laugh at his antics which his opponents truly deserve, but always remember folks, the joke would still be on us unless we willfully get out of this mess through our own accord.
Prior to this scheduled US trip by Pope Bergoglio, there was an exclusive pep talk between him and Mr. Vladimir Putin in Vatican. Obviously, the two were wrapping things up as to how to deal with Israel, Syria, Iran and United States.

  • Russia will develop and protect Israel’s oil interest in the Mediterranean [here and here];
  • Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will stay [here];
  • Iran will assist Russia in the neutralization of the ISIS/L notwithstanding whether the United States likes it or not [here].

We are bringing these all up because we already anticipated the possible hijacking of the revolution. Putin and his allies maybe playing along with these hijackers for now to avert thermonuclear WW3, or maybe for good and plunge us even deeper into the abyss of our inhumane condition, that we will only know after the fact.
We, of course, have given all the players, in the greatest geopolitical chessboard game ever played in our time, the benefit of the doubt. But everything has its own limit.
So what are we to do?
If we choose to act right now, we need to arrest every known Cabalist on sight, as we have been flooded already with evidence of every nature about their crimes. We do this by ourselves and without relying on the Police Department. They don’t work for us, but for the Corporation.
If we so choose to remain mere speculators like most of us today, watch and listen to the whole UN charade, then let’s give them a year, or less, if there are signs that things are really progressing as advertised.
At the very least, we should be expecting the total elimination of fiat debts worldwide. Environmental destruction can be eliminated in three months and the health of the oceans can be fully restored in another three months. Hunger and homelessness can be eliminated even now as you are reading this article.
Food is hoarded and millions of houses are empty. If these people are sincere about what they say, there should be no one living in the streets minutes after the UN event.
Otherwise, all of the above concerns are rendered accurate and it will be time for our decisive Collective Action. There’s no other option by that time than to move for their total eradication from this planet, if we, in the global activism movement, are not eliminated first.
As we have been saying on several occasions now, real freedom can only come from those who exert due effort to free themselves from the System and the Middlemen that run it [here]. Real freedom is attainable only by living completely living off the grid.

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  1. Thanks for pulling it all together and underlining the urgency of the situation at hand–you may know already about the plan in West Virginia to depose illegitimate Govt., they are seeking to act right now, before the Pope’s visit, and are calling all concerned Americans to help by showing up en masse–more at this post:

  2. Nice thought but the people are lazy. They like their lives. They will fight to keep the status quo. The US is ignorant in mass!

  3. Whoever wants to end the globalists rule must check the Bilderberg list(fabians,masons and bankers)and arrest all of them period.

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