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Assad Provides Safe Passage for Terrorists to Leave Syria; US Redeploy Daesh Assets from Iraq to Syria

The Syrian government has been offering safe passage to Daesh terrorists, not just today, but has done so on several occasions in the recent past. To date, the Syrian government has reintegrated 10,000 militants, some of whom joined the Syrian Army.
However, the United States is doing exactly the opposite.
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Let's get rid of Saddam in Syria | VP Biden

The heavy battle for the recovery of Raqqa from Daesh terrorists is ongoing, of which the likes of US VP Biden is not happy to, he accidentally revealed his subconscious views on Syrian President Assad.

Dempsey’s Pentagon Aided Assad with Military Intelligence – Hersh

In a 7,000 word London Review of Books article, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh unleashed another bombshell against Washington warmongers by claiming
that during Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey’s time, the Pentagon offered intelligence assistance to Syrian President Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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Kerry Wants to Kill His Friend After A Cosy Dinner

This is the beauty of the internet. One can share any information free from government control. Freedom of expression at its finest. A nightmare to the powers-that were 😉

Kerry is just been mentioned by Fulford as a “wife murderer”. Check it out here.

Here’s a good find about that guy from David Icke…

 Monday, 02 September 2013 13:30


‘Secretary of State John Kerry is calling for the overthrow and murder of his friend, Syria’s president Assad, claiming definitively that he used chemical weapons against his own people.

John Kerry was a frequent visitor of Assad’s over the last few years. Perhaps no one in U.S. politics knows him better than Kerry who was complimentary of Assad as short as 2 years ago when he referred to him as a “very generous man”.’

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Human shield formed to protect Syria from military action


Syrians from all walks of life have joined a human shield campaign to help protect the country from potential foreign military action.

A group of people, including artists and athletes, participated in the campaign dubbed “Over our Dead Bodies” on Monday.

The participants are shielding key facilities in the capital, Damascus, pledging to stand their ground until the military threats are stopped or they are killed.

The organizers of the campaign said that they have received calls from all over the world asking for permission to join the movement.

The campaign comes as amid threats of foreign military intervention in Syria.

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US Military: I did not join for this!

As of this writing the marines.gov is still inaccessible. Reports have it that it has been defaced with the image below.

marines site hacked

On the other hand, a bulk of the US Military is losing the appetite for war. This report confirms the latest Keenan video update that the world’s military are reorganizing themselves to serve as the security arm for the implementation of a new economic order funded by Asian historical assets now known as the Collateral Accounts.

i did not join for this

RT i did not join for this

We can stop the madness now!

We haven’t stop a war before it began, or at least put them on hold. We even cheered for them as the uniformed personnel were sent abroad, waved our flags like we’re with them, and applauded every loud explosion as bombs hit their targets with perfect precision.

In fact, we love war. We used to play with guns and engage in mock combat routines when we were kids. We prefer to watch action movies.

We love violence in general. We embrace PC games that spilt blood all over, the more intense the game, the merrier.

But we’ve seen the horrors of war, too, and the obscenity of violence in all its forms. We never wanted the same madness to happen to us. We love it until it comes knockin’ on our doors. We are that hypocrite.

Whatever is happening in Libya today is our entire fault. Whatever is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan today is caused by our callousness, insensitivity, and even our obedience. These wars made possible the transformation of once progressive countries into hell.

The images of children buried in the rubbles of shattered concrete buildings. The charred bodies of civilians and warriors alike hit by the most sophisticated chemical warfare used by the Zionists. We’ve seen these images yet chose to ignore the stinking corpses laid flat on our silicon screens.

Our inability to feel the suffering of others is caused by our being used to our own sufferings here at home. The animal has accepted the persistent beating; it can’t feel the pain anymore. Even the once uncomfortable becomes pleasurable.

But not everyone has succumbed to this madness. There is more than a glimmer of hope as the warriors themselves are realizing the futility of it all. They’ve realized that war is just a banker’s racket, and Vatican is a bank.


Now you know why your pay is being squeezed, and who did the squeezing.

We can stop the madness and the mad people that instigate it. We can end all wars that are being fought, and those that are yet to be fought solely for the bankers’ glory.

We can do this now.

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US Intelligence Behind Staged Chemical Attack

This is something we need to know… verbatim from SyriaNetwork.org site.

US Intelligence or CIA’s link to a Saudi Prince who actually delivered the chemicals to the Al Qaeda “rebels” in Syria has been discussed in this previous article, Saudi & Syrian Rebels Behind Chemical Attack.

URGENT :Hacked Email Of US Intelligence Colonel Shows Pentagon’s Involvement In Chemical Attack In Syria ~ The video with the children killed in the chemical attack near Damascus was staged by U.S. Intelligence (PLEASE SPREAD) ~ ENG/ITA

By Syrianetwork | September 1, 2013 |

The video with the children killed in the chemical attack near Damascus was staged by U.S. Intelligence




Hacked Email Of US Intelligence Colonel Shows Pentagon’s Involvement In Chemical Attack In Syria

The situation in Syria is still in the focus of world media. Experts predict another U.S. aggression for “human rights”. Washington regularly declares its readiness to attack Syria. The official version – to punish al-Assad and Syrian army for the use of chemical weapons against the civilian population.

Meanwhile, the media has spread new proofs of the U.S. intelligence involvement to chemical attack near Damascus. Hacker got access to U.S. intelligence correspondence and published U.S. Army Col. ANTHONY J. MACDONALD’s mail.

Macdonald is General Staff Director, Operations and Plans Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence the Army Staff.

It’s about chemical attack in Syria.


In the message August 22 Eugene Furst congratulates Col. on successful operation and refers him to Wasington Post publication about chemical attack in Syria.

From the Anthony’s wife dialog with her friend it’s clear the video with the children killed in the chemical attack near Damascus was staged by U.S. Intelligence.

Screenshots taken by Hacker of the COl. Mail:

(click on pictures to enlarge)







This is a huge coup for the people.  This proves that the chemical attack was indeed a false flag operation.  Thank you hackers and hacktivists for this.  You are what the media should be, you are an affront to government, you keep them in check.  You are the new journalists.  Journalists of the 21st century.

More to this story as it becomes available.

All emails to the link





Email intercettata dimostra il coinvolgimento dei Servizi di Intelligence degli Stati Uniti d’America, tramite un colonnello del Pentagono, nell’attacco chimico in Siria.

La situazione in Siria è sempre al centro dell’attenzione dei media mondiali. Gli esperti prevedono un’altra aggressione degli Stati Uniti, per i “diritti umani”. Regolarmente Washington dichiara la sua disponibilità ad attaccare la Siria. La versione ufficiale – di punire Bashar al-Assad e l’Esercito Arabo Siriano per l’uso di armi chimiche contro la popolazione civile.

Nel frattempo, i media hanno diffuso nuove prove del coinvolgimento dei Servizi di Intelligence degli Stati Uniti d’America nell’attacco chimico vicino a Damasco.

Un pirata informatico ha ottenuto l’accesso alla corrispondenza del colonnello  dei Servizi di Intelligence degli Stati Uniti d’America, il Col. Anthony J. Macdonald, e l’ha pubblicata.

Macdonald è Capo di Stato Maggiore Generale, Capo delle Operazioni e Piani d’Ufficio del Sottocapo di Stato Maggiore per l’Intelligence dello Stato Maggiore dell’Esercito USA.

In esse si tratta dell’attacco chimico in Siria.

Nel messaggio del 22 Agosto si congratula con il colonnello Eugene Furst sul buon successo dell’operazione e si riferisce a quanto pubblicato da Wasington circa l’attacco chimico in Siria.

Dal dialogo della moglie di Macdonald con la sua amica è chiaro che il video con i bambini uccisi durante l’attacco chimico vicino a Damasco è stato messo in scena dai Servizi di Intelligence degli Stati Uniti d’America

Questo è un enorme colpo di scena per il popolo. Questo dimostra che l’attacco chimico era effettivamente una operazione di false flag.

Grazie agli hacker e attivisti per questo. Voi siete quello che i media dovrebbero essere, vi confrontate col governo, lo tenete sotto controllo. Voi siete i nuovi giornalisti. I giornalisti del 21 ° secolo.

Altre notizie su questa storia appena saranno disponibili.


Traduzione italiana di http://syrianfreepress.net/


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Saudi & Syrian Rebels Behind Chemical Attack

One of those that controlled the corporate United States are the Saudis through its oil-backed financial muscle. In the article below, a Saudi prince is said to be the one who delivered the chemicals used in the attack in Syrian suburbs which the Cabalists are now using as pretext for an invasion much like what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The madness must end now!

EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack

Rebels and local residents in Ghouta accuse Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan of providing chemical weapons to an al-Qaida linked rebel group.

This article is a collaboration between Dale Gavlak reporting for Mint Press News and Yahya Ababneh. 

Ghouta, Syria — As the machinery for a U.S.-led military intervention in Syria gathers pace following last week’s chemical weapons attack, the U.S. and its allies may be targeting the wrong culprit.

Interviews with people in Damascus and Ghouta, a suburb of the Syrian capital, where the humanitarian agency Doctors Without Borders said at least 355 people had died last week from what it believed to be a neurotoxic agent, appear to indicate as much.

The U.S., Britain, and France as well as the Arab League have accused the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for carrying out the chemical weapons attack, which mainly targeted civilians. U.S. warships are stationed in the Mediterranean Sea to launch military strikes against Syria in punishment for carrying out a massive chemical weapons attack. The U.S. and others are not interested in examining any contrary evidence, with U.S Secretary of State John Kerry saying Monday that Assad’s guilt was “a judgment … already clear to the world.”

However, from numerous interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families, a different picture emerges. Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the dealing gas attack.

“My son came to me two weeks ago asking what I thought the weapons were that he had been asked to carry,” said Abu Abdel-Moneim, the father of a rebel fighting to unseat Assad, who lives in Ghouta.

Abdel-Moneim said his son and 12 other rebels were killed inside of a tunnel used to store weapons provided by a Saudi militant, known as Abu Ayesha, who was leading a fighting battalion. The father described the weapons as having a “tube-like structure” while others were like a “huge gas bottle.”

Ghouta townspeople said the rebels were using mosques and private houses to sleep while storing their weapons in tunnels.

Abdel-Moneim said his son and the others died during the chemical weapons attack. That same day, the militant group Jabhat al-Nusra, which is linked to al-Qaida, announced that it would similarly attack civilians in the Assad regime’s heartland of Latakia on Syria’s western coast, in purported retaliation.

“They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them,” complained a female fighter named ‘K.’ “We didn’t know they were chemical weapons. We never imagined they were chemical weapons.”

“When Saudi Prince Bandar gives such weapons to people, he must give them to those who know how to handle and use them,” she warned. She, like other Syrians, do not want to use their full names for fear of retribution.

A well-known rebel leader in Ghouta named ‘J’ agreed. “Jabhat al-Nusra militants do not cooperate with other rebels, except with fighting on the ground. They do not share secret information. They merely used some ordinary rebels to carry and operate this material,” he said.

“We were very curious about these arms. And unfortunately, some of the fighters handled the weapons improperly and set off the explosions,” ‘J’ said.

Doctors who treated the chemical weapons attack victims cautioned interviewers to be careful about asking questions regarding who, exactly, was responsible for the deadly assault.

The humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders added that health workers aiding 3,600 patients also reported experiencing similar symptoms, including frothing at the mouth, respiratory distress, convulsions and blurry vision. The group has not been able to independently verify the information.

More than a dozen rebels interviewed reported that their salaries came from the Saudi government.

Saudi involvement

In a recent article for Business Insider, reporter Geoffrey Ingersoll highlighted Saudi Prince Bandar’s role in the two-and-a-half year Syrian civil war. Many observers believe Bandar, with his close ties to Washington, has been at the very heart of the push for war by the U.S. against Assad.

Ingersoll referred to an article in the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph about secret Russian-Saudi talks alleging that Bandar offered Russian President Vladimir Putin cheap oil in exchange for dumping Assad.

“Prince Bandar pledged to safeguard Russia’s naval base in Syria if the Assad regime is toppled, but he also hinted at Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia’s Winter Olympics in Sochi if there is no accord,” Ingersoll wrote.

“I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us,” Bandar allegedly told the Russians.

“Along with Saudi officials, the U.S. allegedly gave the Saudi intelligence chief the thumbs up to conduct these talks with Russia, which comes as no surprise,” Ingersoll wrote.

“Bandar is American-educated, both military and collegiate, served as a highly influential Saudi Ambassador to the U.S., and the CIA totally loves this guy,” he added.

According to U.K.’s Independent newspaper, it was Prince Bandar’s intelligence agency that first brought allegations of the use of sarin gas by the regime to the attention of Western allies in February.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the CIA realized Saudi Arabia was “serious” about toppling Assad when the Saudi king named Prince Bandar to lead the effort.

“They believed that Prince Bandar, a veteran of the diplomatic intrigues of Washington and the Arab world, could deliver what the CIA couldn’t: planeloads of money and arms, and, as one U.S. diplomat put it, wasta, Arabic for under-the-table clout,” it said.

Bandar has been advancing Saudi Arabia’s top foreign policy goal, WSJ reported, of defeating Assad and his Iranian and Hezbollah allies.

To that aim, Bandar worked Washington to back a program to arm and train rebels out of a planned military base in Jordan.

The newspaper reports that he met with the “uneasy Jordanians about such a base”:

His meetings in Amman with Jordan’s King Abdullah sometimes ran to eight hours in a single sitting. “The king would joke: ‘Oh, Bandar’s coming again? Let’s clear two days for the meeting,’ ” said a person familiar with the meetings.

Jordan’s financial dependence on Saudi Arabia may have given the Saudis strong leverage. An operations center in Jordan started going online in the summer of 2012, including an airstrip and warehouses for arms. Saudi-procured AK-47s and ammunition arrived, WSJ reported, citing Arab officials.

Although Saudi Arabia has officially maintained that it supported more moderate rebels, the newspaper reported that “funds and arms were being funneled to radicals on the side, simply to counter the influence of rival Islamists backed by Qatar.”

But rebels interviewed said Prince Bandar is referred to as “al-Habib” or ‘the lover’ by al-Qaida militants fighting in Syria.

Peter Oborne, writing in the Daily Telegraph on Thursday, has issued a word of caution about Washington’s rush to punish the Assad regime with so-called ‘limited’ strikes not meant to overthrow the Syrian leader but diminish his capacity to use chemical weapons:

Consider this: the only beneficiaries from the atrocity were the rebels, previously losing the war, who now have Britain and America ready to intervene on their side. While there seems to be little doubt that chemical weapons were used, there is doubt about who deployed them.

It is important to remember that Assad has been accused of using poison gas against civilians before. But on that occasion, Carla del Ponte, a U.N. commissioner on Syria, concluded that the rebels, not Assad, were probably responsible.

Some information in this article could not be independently verified. Mint Press News will continue to provide further information and updates . 

Dale Gavlak is a Middle East correspondent for Mint Press News and has reported from Amman, Jordan, writing for the Associated Press, NPR and BBC. An expert in Middle Eastern affairs, Gavlak covers the Levant region, writing on topics including politics, social issues and economic trends. Dale holds a M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago. Contact Dale at dg*****@mi***********.com

Yahya Ababneh is a Jordanian freelance journalist and is currently working on a master’s degree in journalism,  He has covered events in Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Libya. His stories have appeared on Amman Net, Saraya News, Gerasa News and elsewhere.

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Doctors Without Borders Aiding Terrorists

First there was this Red Cross, a humanitarian organization which can cross behind enemy lines during conflict of any magnitude. Why it can do so, is where Jordan Maxwell’s research comes into play.

The Red Cross is carrying the symbol of a cross because it was created by the same people that gave us the Vatican. The Red Cross’s function is laudable on the surface but once you consider where the funds it collected had gone for every disaster, manmade or otherwise, a darker picture will soon emerge.

Everybody knows Pope Benedict has resigned early this year, but not everyone knows that real cause of his resignation which is not some “mystical experience” but the exposure of the Vatican Bank’s involvement in mafia’s money laundering operations, among others.

Recent resignations include top Vatican officials, Director Paolo Cipriani and his deputy Massimo Tulli, “after the arrest of another Vatican official, a financial broker and  a former secret service police officer over smuggling cash in millions into Italy.”

So if the organization that created the Red Cross is declared a ‘transnational criminal syndicate” then the Red Cross itself is serving nothing else but the interests of the syndicate.

Most corporations have a department for public relations. They sometimes organized it as a foundation to avoid taxes. The Red Cross is not just about pleasing the public, but provides a mechanism through which CIA agents could penetrate the enemy beyond borders. Of course, everybody knows that already, so they formed another PR group known as the “Doctors Without Borders”.

The “evidence” from which all three corporations: United States, United Kingdom, United Nations. would like to justify their decade-planned military intervention regarding Syria is hinging on the claims of the “Doctors Without Borders” that it was the Syrian Army who perpetrated the chemical attack against their own people. The article below will shatter this story…

“Doctors” Behind Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims are Aiding Terrorists

By Tony Cartalucci

Global Research, August 25, 2013

The “evidence” upon which the West is propping up its narrative of the Syrian government using chemical weapons against large numbers of civilians hinges so far entirely on claims made by “Doctors Without Borders.” In the New York Times article, “Signs of Chemical Attack Detailed by Aid Group,” it is reported:

An international aid group said Saturday that medical centers it supported near the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack near Damascus received more than 3,000 patients showing symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic nerve agents on the morning of the reported attack.

Of those, 355 died, said the group, Doctors Without Borders.

The statement is the first issued by an international organization working in Syria about the attack on Wednesday in the suburbs northeast of Damascus, the capital.

While it is often described by the Western media as “independent,” nothing could be further from the truth.

To begin with, Doctors Without Borders is fully funded by the very same corporate financier interests behind Wall Street and London’s collective foreign policy, including regime change in Syria and neighboring Iran. Doctors Without Borders’ own annual report (2010 report can be accessed here), includes as financial donors, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, and a myriad of other corporate-financier interests.

Doctors Without Borders also features bankers upon its Board of Advisers including Elizabeth Beshel Robinson of Goldman Sachs.

Complicating further Doctors Without Borders so-called “independ” and “aid” claims is the fact that their medical facilities are set up in terrorist held regions of Syria, especially along Syria’s northern border with NATO-member Turkey.  In an interview with NPR, Doctors Without Borders’ Stephen Cornish revealed the nature of his organization’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, where he explains that aid is being sent to regions outside of the Syrian government’s control, and that his organization is in fact setting up facilities in these areas. Cornish admits [emphasis added]:

Over the past months, we’ve had a surgery that was opened inside a cave. We’ve had another that was opened in a chicken farm, a third one in a house. And these structures, we’ve tried to outfit them as best as we can with enough modern technology and with full medical teams. They originally were dealing mainly with combatant injuries and people who were – civilians who were directly affected by the conflict.

In other words, the Wall Street-funded organization is providing support for militants armed and funded by the West and its regional allies, most of whom are revealed to be foreign fighters, affiliated with or directly belonging to Al Qaeda and its defacto political wing, the Muslim Brotherhood. This so-called “international aid” organization is in actuality yet another cog in the covert military machine being turned against Syria and serves the role as a medical battalion.

The “hospitals” in Damascus being supported by Doctors Without Borders are in areas now under threat of being retaken by government forces, and it’s these facilities that the Western media is drawing on for “evidence” that first, a chemical attack took place, and second, that it was the government who carried it out. What the Western media is not telling their audiences, is that even Doctors Without Borders admits their own team members are not present at these medical facilities and have only been sending supplies to them – in other words, this evidence is hearsay emanating from terrorist held areas, merely dressed up and spun as actual evidence from a so-called “reputable” international organization.

In Doctors Without Borders’ own official statement, it was reported that:

Since 2012, MSF has built a strong and reliable collaboration with medical networks, hospitals and medical points in the Damascus governorate, and has been providing them with drugs, medical equipment and technical support. Due to significant security risks, MSF staff members have not been able to access the facilities.

It was further explained that:

“MSF can neither scientifically confirm the cause of these symptoms nor establish who is responsible for the attack,” said Dr. Janssens.

It is most likely hoped that the vast majority of those reading their news simply take the compromised Western media for their word and never bother to read what Doctors Without Borders actually is doing in Syria or what  they even really said regarding the most recent incident.

A similar routine was used in Libya where Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International spent their legitimacy attempting to create a pretext for Western military intervention there.

Source »

syria- rebels
Syrian rebels getting ready to fire rockets to government position.

The corporations:  United States, United Kingdom, United Nations are all united to “fix the intelligence around their real objectives in Syria.” In contrast, the American public is not enthusiastic in going to war with Syria which would surely escalate to a war with Iran, which would invite Russia and China into the theater.

This is the very reason why we must shutdown the Corporation now. The motivation for profit and the lust for power are two outdated concepts which deter humanity’s advancement to its rightful place in the stars. These worthless notions must be replaced with the more noble pursuit of a greater understanding of the world we live in.

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 The Egyptians continue to amaze this writer… Please click on the image below to read the whole article.

eyptians in washington

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Ship Carrying Arms for Syrian Rebels Breaks In Two

Huge arms shipment to topple Syria’s embattled President Assad foiled anew.

On June 17, 2013, an MOL Comfort said to be carrying arms for the Free Syrian Army, a CIA affiliate,  broke in two which rarely happens except when cargoes are that heavy.

Said container ship is said to be navigating from Singapore to Jeedah, Saudi Arabia. Daily vessel’s itineraries can be found here, and last position received is here.

MOL Comfort is a post-Panamax container ship launched in 2008 and is built to last.


Rescued 26 sailors arrived in Sri Lanka as shown below. Most crew members nowadays are Filipinos, with Magsaysay Shipping in Manila acting its crewing manager.


MOL Comfort Aftershock

“MOL Comfort sank due to yet unclear causes, en route from Singapore to Jeddah and then to North Europe, leaving behind hundreds of drifting containers and a tremendous aftershock hitting liner sector and all of the maritime industry. Just the scale of the consequences is hard, even impossible, to estimate, not to mention consequences themselves. For all my knowledge, this is the first case in liner sector, when modern ocean-going liner container ship (built in Japan!) sank in the ocean after breaking in two, like a poorly built and managed bulk carrier or over aged coaster. Nothing like this ever happened, and nobody believed it’s possible, even theoretically. It just couldn’t happen, but still, here it is.

At present stage, even the weirdest theories of the cause of the disaster cannot be ignored, something like explosion or several explosions, or whatever else one may fantasize. I for one, would exclude only one version – MOL Comfort surely wasn’t sunk by Somalia pirates.

Putting aside exotic versions, most probable causes which come into mind are some basic design and building faults; serious disbalance of the loaded containers weight due to false cargo weight declarations and faulty cargo plan; faulty ballasting of the vessel. Most probably, if that’s the case, the sinking was caused not by just one of the abovementioned factors, but by their combination, and triggered by rough weather.

If it will be found, that there were several factors involved, then, the questions arise which require sound and unequivocal answers.

1. Are there some basic faults rooted deep inside ocean-going container ships design, construction and management, or was the disaster the result of a combination of negative factors.

2. If it’s a combination of negative factors, what is the probability of such a combination, is it negligibly small, or the odds of another accident are alarmingly high.

3. What’s the cost of lowering those odds, and how will it affect liner business and freight.

The questions of insurance and cargo loss coverage for shippers, especially minor ones, is very important, too.

Let’s not forget another risk quite a number of experts are already worried over – the risk of major fire on a giant ocean-going container ship.

One thing is clear, though. The liner sector, first of all majors, will do whatever it takes to hide unfavorable factors and especially, basic faults, if there are any. The awesome container transportation mechanism they created may not stand serious modifications, called by safety needs.”

Voytenko Mikhail

June 18 13

US to give military support to Syrian rebels as ‘red line’ crossed

More than a week earlier Obama approved military support for the Al Queda mercenaries fighting against Assad.


After concluding that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against the country’s insurgency, thus crossing a ‘red line,’ the Obama administration has decided to start sending arms to anti-Assad rebels for the first time, officials say.

The Obama administration has assessed that chemical weapons, most likely the nerve gas sarin, were used in battle against the Syrian rebels, Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes said in a statement.

The “intelligence community assesses that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale against the opposition multiple times in the last year,” he said.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry branded the US statements on the use of chemical weapons a “caravan of lies”.

“The United States, in resorting to a shameful use of pretexts in order allow President Obama’s decision to arm the Syrian opposition, shows that it has flagrant double standards in the way it deals with terrorism,” it said.

Syria had insisted in the past that it did not use its chemical arsenal in the ongoing conflict and would not do so unless invaded by a foreign nation.

President Obama has authorized to release of at least some US arms for Syria’s rebels as part of new military and political aid measures, according to a source who spoke with Reuters.




One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

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