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You’ll Have To Kill Me Before I Stop Exposing Your Pedophile Ring | Jim Caveizel Tells CIA

Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel has made a firm commitment to continue revealing information about the CIA pedophile ring, despite facing multiple assassination attempts. After publicly stating that the CIA is involved in operating the largest pedophile ring in the world, Caviezel claims to have received numerous credible death threats.

Recently, Caviezel appeared on the “Spero Pictures” podcast to send a message to those in the Deep State who are attempting to silence him. This comes after the tremendous success of the film “Sound of Freedom,” which sheds light on child trafficking.

Caviezel addressed a viral tweet from Wall Street Silver, which quoted The People’s Voice report exposing the CIA’s desire to eliminate Caviezel for exposing their global VIP pedophile ring.

The tweet warned that they would make his death appear as an accident. Caviezel agreed with this assessment, suggesting that the CIA uses such tactics to blackmail influential individuals and maintain control over them.

Caviezel conveyed a message to the viewers, expressing that he does not fear the intelligence agencies (referred to as “alphabet agencies”), but rather they should fear God.

The actor began by addressing those who perceive him as weak or afraid. He asserted that he is not scared in the slightest. According to Caviezel, he believes that God brought him into Hollywood to pursue acting, and he considers God to be his superior intelligence officer.

He emphasized that God, the greatest and only God, loved him enough to give him a purpose in life. Caviezel reflected on a time when he was at his lowest point, and he stated that he would willingly sacrifice his own life to protect innocent children.

The actor expressed that the horrifying screams he has heard haunt him, preventing him from getting a peaceful night’s sleep. Even at 3 in the morning, he can still hear those distressing sounds.

Caviezel proceeded to imply that the CIA was responsible for a motorcycle accident he had in 2009, suggesting it was a retaliatory act for his involvement in Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion of the Christ.”

He made it clear that he was not intimidated by the attempts made during his work on “The Passion of the Christ” to alter the dominant narrative of the world, stating, “You never scared me. You don’t scare me now.”

Caviezel expressed admiration for individuals like General Flynn and the warriors he has worked with, including SEAL teams, emphasizing that they inspire him.

He criticized the media’s fact-checkers who, in his view, do not put their lives on the line and for spreading negative information about “Sound of Freedom,” a film based on a true story.

He questioned the credibility and qualifications of fact-checkers, humorously asking if they attended “fact-checking school” as a form of higher education.

Despite its limited budget and modest marketing distribution, “Sound of Freedom” has achieved remarkable success, grossing over $80 million since its release on July 4th.

The movie, distributed by Angel Studios, depicts the true story of Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent who resigned from his position and risked his life to venture into the jungles of Colombia. His mission was to rescue children from the clutches of sex slavery.

According to Ballard, the film has compelled discussions on the political Left regarding the reasons behind the arrival of 85,000 unaccompanied children at the border. He dismissed any connections between the film and QAnon, refuting claims suggesting otherwise.

Ballard expressed his confusion about the situation, emphasizing that the film was created several years before the emergence of QAnon and that he still does not fully understand what QAnon represents.

In his view, media outlets and the Left are avoiding the crucial discussion that the film prompts—an examination of why such a large number of unaccompanied children arrived at the border and were subsequently released into a country known as the largest consumer of child exploitation material worldwide.

Pedo Whistleblowers Hacked and Whacked to Death

One of the most bizarre major stories in recent weeks has been the death of popular Hollywood actress Anne Heche. Her strange car crash earlier this month had her traveling in her blue Mini Cooper at an outrageous speed of about 90 miles per hour prior to careening into a second story home in the residential LA Westside neighborhood of Mar Vista on Friday August 5th, 2022.

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France’s Catholic Church Clergy & Lay Members Abused 330,000 Children

A 2,500-page report conducted by an independent inquiry into allegations of abuse and subsequent cover-ups within France’s Catholic Church has declared that a “veil of silence” allowed clergy to assault victims for decades.

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German Nuns ‘rented’ Orphaned Boys to Businessmen for ‘gang bangs & orgies’

A report being withheld from the public documents horrific acts of rape and sexual abuse against young boys that were facilitated by nuns belonging to the Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne in Germany, according to the Daily Beast.

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Suspect Who Shot Family of Judge on Deutsche Bank-Jeffrey Epstein Case Suicided

The attorney-suspect to the murder of the husband and son of Judge Esther Salas, who is handling the DeutscheBank-Jeffrey Epstein case was found dead of gunshot wounds in Rockland, New York.

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Husband and Son Of Judge Investigating Epstein’s Ties To Deutsche Bank Shot

The husband and son of Federal Judge Esther Salas, who recently was appointed to investigate Jeffrey Epstein’s involvement with Deutsche Bank, were gunned down in their New Jersey home in a targeted attack.  The gunman rang the doorbell, Judge Salas’s husband, Mark Anderl, opened the door and was immediately shot.  Salas’s son ran to protect his father, and he too was shot.

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This Man Deserves to Replace Assange at Belmarsh Prison, But Scotland Yard Covers Up

As the whole world knows by now, Julian Assange is being drugged and subjected in a solitary confinement for doing what every journalist worth his salt should do. This is being done to serve as a strong warning against all truth tellers out there, while the more deserving criminal is still at large, thanks to the active suppression of evidence by the Scotland Yard.

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Assange is Dying in UK Category A Prison, While UK Pedophiles Roam Free

Julian Assange did the whole world a big favor by publishing confirmatory evidence of an interlocking system aimed at concentrating power into the hands of the Deep State. Yet, only a few of those who believe in free speech have the time to do something to pressure the UK to release him immediately for the simple fact that he hasn’t offended any laws of any jurisdictions.

Without his efforts, and of those who were working with him, all of our own analyses of how the world truly works, are still “conspiracy theories” from the eyes of the public.

In the meantime, UK’s Pedophile Prince Andrew is still roaming free,

… and so are the lesser known pedophiles in England, who have victimized an estimated 19,000 children in a year, and in that island alone.

Sexual Exploitation “Epidemic” in England As Nearly 19,000 Children Identified as Victims

There’s a new official epidemic in England and it can’t be tackled with increased hand washing or a new vaccine. In the past year, nearly 19,000 children have been sexually groomed, according to official numbers. But some say the real figure is much higher.

Five years ago, 3,300 suspected victims of child sexual exploitation were identified by authorities. That number rose to a shocking 18,700 in 2018-2019.

Grooming was not officially recorded as an assessment factor during referral to social care until 2013.

Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham, told the Independent that the grooming of children “remains one of the largest forms of child abuse in the country.”

“Too many times, government has said it will ‘learn lessons’, yet 19,000 children are still at risk of sexual exploitation.

The government has singularly failed to tackle this issue head on. Its approach has been piecemeal and underfunded.”

According to the Independent, the Home Office has begun an analysis of data regarding the cases and will use the results to inform new policy and prevention strategies, but the Queen’s Speech did not mention anything about a public review.

The Independent also reports that investigations into grooming gangs are ongoing throughout the country. In fact, abusers in Huddersfield have already been jailed.

Sammy Woodhouse, a victim from Rotherham, told the Independent:

“You hear this bullshit line, ‘lessons have been learned’, but they haven’t learned anything.”

Woodhouse, who isn’t surprised by the newly released numbers, helped expose a sandal in 2012 that involved the abuse of an estimated 1,500 victims.

“I still hear a lot about the authorities aren’t doing things as they should. It’s not very often I hear something good and for all different reasons—if the police won’t act on reports, people feel they’re not being listened to or supported properly, or information not being shared,” Woodhouse explained.

“I’ve said for years that this country’s in epidemic when it comes to abuse and exploitation. Authorities claim it’s under control but it’s not.”


How could they control that when even at the heart of the British Monarchy, pedophilia exists?

Where is justice for all of these? Should we just wait until these pedophiles die without being thrown to the Belmarsh Category A prison, just like what the UK Monarchy is doing to Julian?

Assange is Tortured, Drugged and Dying in Belmarsh

Belmarsh is a Category A prison – the highest level in the UK penal system – intended for “highly dangerous” convicts and those likely to attempt escape, typically befitting murderers and terrorists. While Assange meets none of those criteria and was initially locked up for a minor offense of skipping bail, he was nonetheless thrown in Belmarsh and punished as if he were a violent, hardened criminal. He now awaits proceedings for extradition to the US.

The explanation may be as simple as taking revenge against somebody who dared to speak truth to power, Smith believes, and to make an example for anyone who might follow Assange’s lead in fighting state and corporate secrecy.

“What is clear that what is happening to Julian is much more about vengeance and setting an example to dissuade other people from holding American power to account in this way,” he said.

[Assange] delivered a discussion, a debate about what transparency should look like in the digital age… The debate got quashed it never really happened, instead he’s being victimized… That’s’ why he’s in Belmarsh.

Going forward, Smith said it will be important to continue pressuring the British government to answer a litany of questions about Assange, his treatment in prison and his health, as well as to push for an “independent assessment” of the situation. Confined in one form or another since taking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in 2012 and now denied the ability to defend himself in court, Assange should finally receive a fair hearing.

“This whole thing, really we need to be asking more questions. This needs to be held much more in the open… Julian has had his freedom compromised for nearly a decade now,” Smith said. “It’s completely disgraceful. This is bullying. He deserves better.”

It’s not only Julian Assange that’s slowing being taken away from us, but Chelsea Manning, too, who continues to defy Trump government’s wish to drop Assange for possible extradition to the US.

Chelsea Manning is being subjected to cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment, constituting torture by the US government over her refusal to testify against whistleblower website WikiLeaks, a top United Nations official has said.

UN special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer accused the government of torturing Manning in a November letter, which was just released on Tuesday. In the letter, Melzer wrote that Manning is suffering “an open-ended, progressively severe measure of coercion” which fulfills “all the constitutive elements of torture.”

Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst, was arrested on May 16 after she refused to testify against WikiLeaks before a grand jury. She is still being detained at the Alexandria Detention Center in Virginia and is facing fines of $1,000 a day.

Unlike in most Hollywood movies, the enemy cannot be defeated by just the effort of one man. That’s fantasy.

In fact, that type of storyline is deliberate to make us wait for that “lone savior who will come and redeem us,” when all we need is to realize that we are powerful enough to defeat the Deep State if we can get our acts together, stop patronizing the system they’ve put in place, and be ready to raise the pitchforks when the need arises.

Let this 2020 be a year for persistent worldwide exposure and condemnation of the high crimes committed by the Satanic Empires of the West. This is the very least that we can do for these idealist whistleblowers, who have sacrificed so much for humanity, while most of the world are taking selfies – the very object on which NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is on exile, after warning us how our personal data are being collected for future use.

London Bridge Stabbing: A False Flag Terror Ops to Distract Attention Away from Prince Andrew Scandal?

In recent days we have seen how the mainstream media failed spectacularly to contain the blowback stemming from the Prince Andrew-Epstein pedophilia scandal that is now threatening the downfall of the British Monarchy.

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“We had Clinton, We had everything.” | ABC’s Amy Robach

The Epstein saga continues to haunt the legacy media, and the Deep State at large. In its latest Epstein post-mortem update, the ABC News’ anchor Amy Robach was caught on a “hot mic” off-air conversation expressing her frustration about her network’s deliberate “killing of the story”, which involved “everything about [Bill] Clinton, Prince Andrew…” through “Epstein’s” Lolita Express.

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The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton Relationship

On August 10th, and for several days after, speculation swirled after it was announced that Jeffrey Epstein had been found dead in his cell. His cause of death has officially been ruled suicide by hanging. Continue reading The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton Relationship

Will Epstein’s Incarceration, NY Child Victims Act, lead to High-Profile Pedophiles’ Convictions?

The courts in the State of New York are expecting a flood of child sexual abuse lawsuits after the signing of the Child Victims Act, which gives any pedophile victim one year to file charges against the perpetrators irrespective of the time that the event happened, a Reuters report recently said. Continue reading Will Epstein’s Incarceration, NY Child Victims Act, lead to High-Profile Pedophiles’ Convictions?

The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case

Despite his “sweetheart” deal and having seemingly evaded justice, billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was arrested earlier this month on federal charges for sex trafficking minors. Epstein’s arrest has again brought increased media attention to many of his famous friends, the current president among them. Continue reading The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case

Deep State on Death Throes After Massive Multi-pronged Attacks

What has been leaked 10 years ago about a global effort to establish a new financial system, i.e. global reset involving sovereign wealth based currencies for global exchange that would trim down the unwarranted power of the bankers who kept on fomenting wars everywhere, is now fast becoming a reality. Continue reading Deep State on Death Throes After Massive Multi-pronged Attacks

Duterte Tops Time Poll; EU Critics told ‘Stick to Child Porn’

The Duterte government, and 90% of the Philippine population at large, continue to mock Western institutions by playing smartly in the latter’s own game, and making fun of the inconvenient facts that are just beginning to hit the headlines in the West, e.g. PizzaGate and PedoGate scandals. Continue reading Duterte Tops Time Poll; EU Critics told ‘Stick to Child Porn’

Here’s why the Deep State Wants AG Jeff Sessions Head on a Platter

Collusion between government regulators and the regulated industries is hard to prosecute, i.e. the flow of money must be carefully established, which requires the full cooperation of all financial institutions.
Although the revolving door policy is too obvious for everyone to see, still the crime needs to be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Continue reading Here’s why the Deep State Wants AG Jeff Sessions Head on a Platter