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VT Demands: President Putin Release Documents Vital to World Peace

This just came in from Veterans Today…
Vladimir Putin
President of the Russian Federation
23, Ilyinka Street,
Moscow, 103132, Russia.
Mr. President:
Political divides within the US now clearly threaten world peace.  Pro-Israeli factions within the US are working, not only to sabotage a nuclear settlement with Iran but go much further.  Recent lapses in judgement and decorum by General Breedlove of NATO, covert US aid to ISIS/ISIL and moves by certain US factions in support of terrorist factions in Libya and across Africa have raised the stakes.
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The Painful Disclosure on Eugenics

For the ordinary mortals in most of us, the reality of governments involved in deliberately reducing the population by any means at their disposal is simply unacceptable, they must plunge into the most common escape of all, i.e. self-denial.
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Unacknowledged American Atrocities in the Philippines

There’s a part in our history that may cause discomfort to our friends in America, but it has to be discussed openly because we owe that much respect to our fallen countrymen who died defending our motherland.

“An error becomes a mistake only if we refuse to correct it.”

– Pres. John F. Kennedy

You will, as you read the privilege speech below, understand why this subject is brought up today.
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Declassified Government Documents Since 1996 – BlackVault

The links below are from the site which has been collating UFO matters and top secret government projects for years.
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Susan O Comes From A Family Of Patriots

There’s no denying that everyone everywhere has to struggle on a daily basis in order to survive. How fortunate are those who are able to free their minds amidst the limits of the physical.
Although the Seers have predicted the people’s victory, but we are still at a time when the greatest war humanity has to fight is yet to be won. It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to do our part wherever and whenever possible.
How beautiful it would be if we are all committed to leave this world a lot better than we found it.
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Mass extinction for Earth’s oceans probable, comprehensive study says

Published time: January 17, 2015 10:19
Reuters / Jorge Silva
The first comprehensive study of its kind has determined that ocean life is facing mass extinction from human activity. But the record damage is still reversible – unlike our impact on land. American scientists say the effects can be mitigated.
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Organized Crime Cabal: Root Cause of Global Terrorism

While others try to complicate the true face and nature of the enemy by injecting ET participation making them invulnerable, VT has simplified the villain into just a bunch of criminals organized into one global fraternity whose sole objective is terror and dominance.

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Learn the Tricks of the Trade and Set Yourself Free

When our parents filed for our Birth Certificate, each of us became a Corporation subject to Admiralty or Maritime Laws, now known as the Uniform Commercial Code [UCC], and had ceased to exist as humans.
The Birth Certificate has effectively rendered us all dead in the eyes of the Law.
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Indian Ocean Tsunami. Why did the Information Not Get Out?

by Michel Chossudovsky
December 26, 2004
One of the most destructive and powerful earthquakes in recorded history, more than a quarter of a million recorded deaths, local economies destroyed, the lives of entire communities shattered, and no serious investigation into the flaws of the global seismic warning system is contemplated.
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Operation Enduring Freedom Ended After 13 Years

After 13 years, NATO has finally delivered the package, i.e. it has declared mission accomplished in Afghanistan.
Enduring Freedom, as the whole operation is called, will be leaving a country that is now  “more stable and more prosperous than ever.”

“Together… we have lifted the Afghan people out of the darkness of despair and given them hope for the future,”

“Together… we have lifted the Afghan people out of the darkness of despair and given them hope for the future,” General John Campbell told NATO soldiers at the ceremony, as quoted by AFP. “You’ve made Afghanistan stronger and our countries safer,” he stated.
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The Beginning of the End

This article appears in the December 19, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


The Beginning of the End
of the Post-9/11 Era

[PDF version of this article]
The Dec. 12, 2014 LaRouche PAC weekly webcast marked the beginning of the end of the post-9/11 era. The publication, by Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), of the previously classified material on the Bush/Cheney Torture Program, opens the door to finally ridding the United States of the Bush family dynasty.
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Meet The Pilot Who Shot Down Malaysian Boeing MH-17

Normally, those pawns are to be eliminated later on after a questionable  covert mission is completed. It happened with the Seal Team who killed Osama Bin Laden again, more than 10 years later after the first death.
We, and Russia, are fortunate to have them alive and able to tell us the Truth about the events leading to the shooting down of Flight MH-17 on July 17, 2014.
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10th Anniversary of Deadly Tsunami; U.S. Unacknowledged Culpability Lingers On

This planet is more than just 4 billion years old, and it’s already stable and not subject to “rough rides” in any way.
The whole system is self-regulating, so that natural disasters don’t just happen. They are all artificially induced.
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Global Intel Cowboys Unite to Bring Down Organized Crime Cabal

There is no single individual who knows the Whole Truth in great detail, but this article is articulate and detailed enough to give us an idea of how the Cabal have been doing it, i.e. keeping the entire world under its thumb for centuries.
In keeping with the Veterans Today character of not mentioning the Jesuits ever, this one is no exception. So, to have a complete picture it is highly recommended that the reader should download Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps.
We are also aware of the dialectic methods being used to localize the conflict, and effectively insulating the company and producers from the multitude of actors rendering the whole charade, so that in every article we should always remind ourselves to go beyond what is written, i.e. its intended purpose and who will benefit from it.
To some of us, we must understand that as one has rightfully put it, “There’s a method to the madness.”
And some of those methods are detailed here…
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The Top of the Pyramid

There are two operant Crowns in England, one being Queen Elizabeth II.
Although extremely wealthy, the Queen functions largely in a ceremonial capacity and serves to deflect attention away from the other Crown, who issues her marching orders through their control of the English Parliament.

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From Global Warming to Climate Change

One thing about marketing is that when a product sales drop, all we need to do is repackage it.
This is exactly what happened to Global Warming of the Prophet Al Gore. His prophecy was forever buried in meters of ice back in 2012 and onwards.
Global warming should not be doing this, so they changed it to “Climate Change”. Yeah, a more generic phrase should cover all possibilities including occasional HAARPing of agricultural landscapes, or setting forest fires.
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Why The Obama Administration Is So Determined To Start A Race War

Those who have endeavored to see things beyond their facade and really look at the issues more deeply have finally understood the underlying motivations behind manufactured events.
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Historic Speech in Damascus sends Shockwaves around the World


Last week Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today delivered an Historic Keynote Speech at the International Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism held in Damascus, Syria. This speech is sending shock-waves around the World.

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Senate Torture Report Ignores CIA’s Most Brutal Crimes

According to the Committee, the CIA lied to Congress, the National Security Council, the Justice Department, and the American public about the severity of torture committed and the effectiveness of information gathered through enhanced interrogations.

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Luciferians Playing Haarp On Us Again 2.0

Every time there’s a forecasted major calamity for my country, US aircraft carrier fleet is surreptitiously nearby. It was the scene back in 2006 during the Guinsaugon landslide; it’s the same during Cat 5 Typhoon Haiyan [Yolanda] last year.
Now, another deadly typhoon is being deliberately steered into this country which will make a landfall on Saturday [December 5]; same strength [Cat 5] and same path, i.e. Central Visayas, where we are actually based on. Updated tracking is available below.
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NATO’s Handiwork: Libya Then and Now

How to Game Electric Markets

By Pam Martens: December 3, 2014

A JPMorgan Trader Uses a Photo of Oliver Twist to Joke in an Email About Manipulating Electric Markets in California.
A JPMorgan Employee Uses a Photo of Oliver Twist to Joke in an Email About How His Group Is Manipulating Electric Markets in California.

On April 29, 2010 at 7:47 in the evening, Francis Dunleavy, the head of Principal Investing within the JPMorgan Commodities Group fired off a terse email to a colleague, Rob Cauthen. The email read: “Please get him in ASAP.”
The man that Dunleavy wanted to be interviewed “ASAP” was John Howard Bartholomew, a young man who had just obtained his law degree from George Washington University two years prior. But it wasn’t his law degree that Bartholomew decided to feature at the very top of the resume he sent to JPMorgan; it was the fact that while working at Southern California Edison in Power Procurement, he had “identified a flaw in the market mechanism Bid Cost Recovery that is causing the CAISO [the California grid operator] to misallocate millions of dollars.” Bartholomew goes on to brag in his resume that he had “showed how units in reliability areas can increase profits by 400%.”
The internal emails at JPMorgan and Bartholomew’s resume are now marked as Exhibit 76 in a two-year investigation conducted by the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations into Wall Street’s vast ownership of physical commodities and rigging of commodity markets. Senator Carl Levin, the Chair of the Subcommittee, had this to say about the resume at a hearing conducted on November 21:
“There’s two things that I find incredible about this. First, that anyone would advertise in a resume that they know about a flaw in the system — signaling that they’re ready and willing to exploit that flaw. And, second, that somebody would hire the person sending that signal.”
JPMorgan not only hired Bartholomew, according to the Senate’s findings, but within three months from the date of the email to Dunleavy, “Bartholomew began to develop manipulative bidding strategies focused on CAISO’s make-whole mechanism, called Bid Cost Recovery or BCR payments.” By early September, the strategy to game the system was put into play. By October, the JPMorgan unit was estimating that the strategy “could produce profits of between $1.5 and $2 billion through 2018.”
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Senate Report: Scale of Wall Street Holdings Are “Unprecedented in U.S. History”

By Pam Martens: November 25, 2014
Last Thursday, the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, chaired by Senator Carl Levin, released an alarming 396-page report that details how Wall Street’s too-big-to-fail banks have quietly, and often stealthily through shell companies, gained ownership of a stunning amount of the nation’s critical industrial commodities like oil, aluminum, copper, natural gas, and even uranium. The report said the scale of these bank holdings “appears to be unprecedented in U.S. history.”
Adding to the hubris of the situation, the Wall Street banks’ own regulator, the Federal Reserve, gave its blessing to this unprecedented and dangerous encroachment by banking interests into industrial commodity ownership and has effectively looked the other way as the banks moved into industrial commerce activities like owning pipelines and power plants.
For more than a century, Federal law has encouraged the separation of banking and commerce. The role of banks has been seen as providing prudent corporate lending to facilitate the growth of commerce, not to compete with it through unfair advantage by having access to cheap capital from the Federal Reserve’s lending programs. Additionally, the mega banks are holding trillions of dollars in FDIC insured deposits; if they experienced a catastrophic commercial accident through a ruptured pipeline, tanker oil spill, or power plant explosion, it could once again put the taxpayer on the hook for a bailout.
The Levin report addresses the element of catastrophic risk, noting:
“While the likelihood of an actual catastrophe remained remote, those activities carried risks that banks normally avoided altogether.  Goldman, for example, bought a uranium business that carried the risk of a nuclear incident, as well as open pit coal mines that carried potential risks of methane explosions, mining mishaps, and air and water pollution…Morgan Stanley owned and invested in extensive oil storage and transport facilities and a natural gas pipeline company which, together, carried risks of fire, pipeline ruptures, natural gas explosions, and oil spills.  JPMorgan bought dozens of power plants whose risks included fire, explosions, and air and water pollution.  Throughout most of their history, U.S. banks have not incurred those types of catastrophic event risks.”
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We can help bring down the Cabal and defeat the Depopulation Agenda

Big Pharma is one of the sources of funds for the Cabal. It also serves as the weapon of mass destruction via vaccine tainted with live virus it is suppose to protect us from, and the deadly chemicals use to treat our diseases that they caused through our GMO / pesticide contaminated food supply.
We can avoid using drugs, defeat any viral attack and scaremongering easily by knowing how to build our own comprehensive antiviral system. Find more about it here.

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A Response to Alan Gaylor re Foster Gamble's Video

A reader has commented at Fulford’s article asking clarifications about our position regarding Foster Gamble’s video…

Alan Gaylor 14h said:
Just prior to reading this, viewed the Gamble clip you include here. It seemed to sum up very well and lend credence to a lot of threads, including those from Hudes and Fulford. The Gamble clip on YouTube was dated Nov 2, and then we have “The Global Elite Are Not A Monolith by benjamin November 24, 2014″. How is that clip a response to the article dated three weeks later?
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Pope Bergoglio & The BRICS Bank

In spite of the heightened anticipation of the Big Event we have yet to lose our sight on the deceptive, behind the scene actions of the Jesuits.
Through the last two Fulford updates [here & here], the WDS is confirming that the European faction of the Illuminati are now actively involved in the planned New Age of Aquarius.
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The Critical Mass Has Been Achieved

In the ‘70s, my older folks used to discuss about the reality of occult organizations and that includes extraterrestrial entities that have visited this planet for thousands of years. I was too young then but I already understood the “plausibility” of their understanding on these subjects. But I never really have my own confirmations until 1990s, when I began to dig deeper into the subject. From there, the journey towards what I hesitantly would call my enlightenment never stops, and I don’t believe that is exclusive.
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TransPacific Partnership Feeds Corporate Greed Only

Unlike the New Silk Road, the TransPacific Partnership [TPP] and its cousin TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership [TTIP ]remove all barriers for corporate takeover into our daily lives. It kills safety regulations and labor protections, curtails freedom of speech, effectively raping sovereignty of participating nations.
The New Silk Road, however, is primarily financed by the richest country today, i.e. China, and countries are not coerced into joining the age-tested system in the spirit of mutual progress and development.
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Leaked: Israel Admits Jews in fact Khazars; Secret Ukraine Migration Plan

Ashkenazi Jews are war-like Khazarians and they came from Ukraine. Palestinians are the original Israelites which the Jews are driving out from their native homeland.
It was revealed that those who are backing the AshkeNazi coup in Ukraine are Khazarian Jews in Israel to effect the secret plan for the Jews’ reverse migration to where they originally came from.
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Secret Manuals Show the Spyware Sold to Despots and Cops Worldwide

By Cora Currier and Morgan Marquis-Boire

When Apple and Google unveiled new encryption schemes last month, law enforcement officials complained that they wouldn’t be able to unlock evidence on criminals’ digital devices. What they didn’t say is that there are already methods to bypass encryption, thanks to off-the-shelf digital implants readily available to the smallest national agencies and the largest city police forces — easy-to-use software that takes over and monitors digital devices in real time, according to documents obtained by The Intercept.
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MSM Outlets Censor Themselves, Cover Up for Obama [CBS Reporter]

Sharyl Attkisson of the Washington Post has written a book detailing her frustrations about the persistent censorship and active cover up of the mainstream media on the misdemeanors of the Obama administration.

Another whistleblower has just confirmed some of our “conspiracy theories”, and there will be more…

Mainstream media outlets cover up for President Obama and kill unfavorable stories’: Bombshell claims made by former CBS reporter in explosive new book

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Federal Reserve Robbing Savers

It’s comforting when mainstream journalists are still employing their gray matter, and forward candid analysis of the recent statement made by Federal Reserve’s new mouthpiece, Janet Yellen, about the widening gap between the suit and tie criminals and the mostly passive “We, the People”.

The Fed is deliberately stealing from savers

Published: Oct 22, 2014 9:11 a.m. ET

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How Cabalists Thrive?

For decades, the “select few” that run the world keep feeding themselves with constantly flowing “liquidity’ from select industries that profited heavily from orchestrated wars, induced pandemic, premeditated housing foreclosures, rigged interest rates, forced appetite for oil, etc.
They have literally rigged the entire system from its core.
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I’ve never anticipated that I’d see the day when we prefer Russian broadcast commentators more than those in US or EU, but they are getting mainstream. Thanks to Google’s CC translation button on YouTube, we get to understand them, too.
No holds barred, there’s no double-talking here.


There’s no doubt that the Islamic State terror group is a creation of those who created Israel and other Western Corporations.
The ISIL adventure is earning itself at least $1 million in oil revenue from the underground oil market, out of its controlled oil fields. Its sponsors, however, is seeking to increase the amount by bombing more areas.
Through their multiple layers of corporate intelligence agencies, radical groups in the Middle East were packaged into one big Muslim Brotherhood, then recycled and rebranded into different names and style over the years.
Ben Fulford, on the other hand, stated that this ongoing Middle East turmoil is just an attempt to remap the region by establishing a Caliphate along ethnic lines that will include Israel as an autonomous region. This is said to end all the troubles there.
The big question is, do we really need a terror group for that?
The underlying agenda would be clearer if we consider the Rothschilds’ endless appetite for global control through the establishment of regional groups for easy management, e.g. EU, WTO.
Behind the scenes, Fulford and Rothschild groups are trying to strike a win-win solution for everyone.
We don’t agree dealing with any Jesuit affiliated groups.

“Going After” the Islamic State. Guess Who is Behind the Caliphate Project?

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research


The Islamic State (IS) is portrayed as an Enemy of America and the Western world. 
With the support of America’s indefectible British ally, President Barack Obama has ordered a series of US bombing raids on Iraq allegedly with a view to defeating the rebel army of the Islamic State (IS).
“We will not waver in our determination to confront the Islamic State If terrorists think we will weaken in the face of their threats they could not be more wrong. (Barack Obama and David Cameron, Strengthening the NATO alliance, op ed published in the London Times, September 4, 2014, emphasis added)
But Who is behind the Islamic State Project?
In a bitter irony,  until recently the rebels of the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) were heralded as Syria’s “opposition freedom fighters” committed to “restoring democracy” and unseating the secular government of Bashar al Assad.
And who was behind  the jihadist insurgency in Syria?
Those who ordered the bombing campaign are those who are behind the Caliphate Project.
The Islamic State (IS) militia, which is currently the alleged target of  a US-NATO bombing campaign under a “counter-terrorism” mandate, was and continues to be supported covertly by the United States and its allies.

In other words, the Islamic State (IS) is a creation of US intelligence with the support of Britain’s MI6, Israel’s Mossad, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency (GIP), Ri’āsat Al-Istikhbārāt Al-’Āmah ( رئاسة الاستخبارات العامة‎). Moreover, according to Israeli intelligence sources (Debka) NATO in liaison with the Turkish High Command has been involved in the recruitment of jihadist mercenaries from the outset of the Syrian crisis in March 2011.
In relation to the Syrian insurgency, the Islamic State  fighters together with the Al Qaeda affiliated jihadist forces of the Al Nusrah Front are the foot soldiers of the Western military alliance. They are covertly supported by US-NATO-Israel. Their  mandate is to wage a terrorist insurgency against the government of Bashar al-Assad. The atrocities committed by Islamic State fighters in Iraq are similar to those committed in Syria.
As a result of media disinformation, Western public opinion is unaware that the Islamic State terrorists have from the very outset been supported by the United States and its allies.
The killings of innocent civilians by the Islamic State terrorists in Iraq are used to create a pretext and a justification for US military intervention on humanitarian grounds.  The bombing raids ordered by Obama, however, are not intended to eliminate the Islamic State, which constitutes a US “intelligence asset”. Quite the opposite, the US is targeting the civilian population as well as the Iraqi resistance movement.

The Role of Saudi Arabia and Qatar
Amply documented, US-NATO support to the Islamic State is channeled covertly through America’s staunchest allies: Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Acknowledged by the Western media, both Riyadh and Doha acting in liaison and on behalf of Washington have played (and continue to play) a central role in the financing the Islamic State (IS) as well as the recruitment, training and religious indoctrination of terrorist mercenary forces deployed in Syria.
According to London’s Daily Express “They [the Islamic State terrorists] had money and arms supplied by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”
US Saudi connection

“The most important source of ISIS financing to date has been support coming out of the Gulf states, primarily Saudi Arabia but also Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates,” (According to Dr. Günter Meyer, Director of the Center for Research into the Arabic World at University of Mainz, Germany,  Deutsche Welle)

This money was channeled to ISIS terrorists fighting against government forces in Syria:

Through allies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the West [has] supported militant rebel groups which have since mutated into ISIS and other al‑Qaeda connected militias. ( Daily Telegraph, June 12, 2014)

According to Robert Fisk, the IS caliphate project “has been bankrolled by Saudi Arabia”:

…[M]eet Saudi Arabia’s latest monstrous contribution to world history: the Islamist Sunni caliphate of Iraq and the Levant, conquerors of Mosul and Tikrit – and Raqqa in Syria – and possibly Baghdad, and the ultimate humiliators of Bush and Obama.
From Aleppo in northern Syria almost to the Iraqi-Iranian border, the jihadists of Isis and sundry other groupuscules paid by the Saudi Wahhabis – and by Kuwaiti oligarchs – now rule thousands of square miles. (Robert Fisk, The Independent,  June 12, 2014
Saudi Prison
In 2013, as part of its recruitment of terrorists, Saudi Arabia took the initiative of releasing prisoners on death row in Saudi jails.
A secret memo revealed that the prisoners were being “recruited” to join jihadist militia (including Al Nusrah and ISIS) to fight against government forces in Syria.
Saudi prison

The prisoners had reportedly been offered a deal — stay and be executed or fight against Assad in Syria. As part of the deal the prisoners were offered a “pardon and a monthly stipend for their families, who were allowed to stay in the Sunni Arab kingdom”.

Saudi officials apparently gave them a choice: decapitation or jihad? In total, inmates from Yemen, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, and Kuwait chose to go and fight in Syria.(See Global Research,  September 11, 2013)

“Volte Face”: About Turn

On September 11, 2014, coinciding with the commemoration of 9/11, the King of Saudi Arabia together with the Monarchs of the Gulf States announced their unbending commitment to support Obama’s holy war against the Islamic State (IS), which has and continues to be funded by Qatari and Saudi money as part of a carefully engineered intelligence operation.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry, left, speaks with Joseph W. Westphal, the U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal on his arrival at the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia on Sept. 11, 2014. (Pool photo by Brendan Smialowski via Associated Press)
Saudi Arabia and the Gulf  States which actively contributed to the financing of the Islamic State, not to mention the recruitment, training of terrorists on behalf of Washington, pledged their unbending support for Obama’s military campaign to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State.
The statement of  support contained in the communiqué, commits the “leading Arab states to working with the U.S. to cut off the flow of foreign fighters and funds to the Islamic State.” It also confirms that members discussed  “a strategy to destroy the ISIL wherever it is, including in both Iraq and Syria.”

Saudi Arabia has come to understand the Islamic State group is a serious threat to their country as well– that it isn’t a mainstream Sunni movement.One element of Obama’s IS plan seeks to undermine the ideological and religious claims that the Islamic State militants make to Islam.
The administration hopes Riyadh will use its influence among Islamic religious leaders. (Voice of America, September 11, 2014)

Recruiting “Moderate Terrorists”
As part of the agreement, the House of Saud is to “host a training facility for thousands of Syrian rebel fighters who are combating both the Islamic State and President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.” An absurd and fake proposition.  Until September 9th, “officially” Saudi Arabia had been supporting the Islamic State against the government of Bashar al Assad and now it has been entrusted in recruiting jihadists to fight the Islamic State. An  absurd and fake proposition. But the media has failed to connect the dots and uncover the big lie.
We are dealing with a diabolical project:  The architects of the Islamic State have informed the World that they are “going after” their own terrorists as part of a counter-terrorism operation.
While these actions are undertaken under the banner of the “Global War on Terrorism”, the US has no intention to target its IS own terror brigades which are integrated by Western special forces and intelligence operatives. In fact the only meaningful and effective campaign against Islamic State terrorists is being waged by Syrian government forces.
Needless to say, US, NATO, Saudi and Qatari support and funding to the Islamic State will continue. The objective is not to destroy the Islamic State as promised by Obama. What we are dealing with is a US sponsored process of destabilizing and destroying both Iraq and Syria. The campaign against the Islamic State is being used as a justification to bomb both countries, largely targeting civilians.
The endgame is to destabilize Iraq as a nation state and trigger its partition into three separate entities.
The broader US-NATO strategic objective is to destabilize the entire Middle East- North Africa -Central Asia -South Asia region, including Iran, Pakistan and India.
source »
NATO behind Creation of ISIL: Webster Tarpley

Webster Griffin Tarpley, an author and historian from Washington, says that NATO is behind the creation of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL) and thinks that the terrorists of the ISIL were trained in the NATO camps in Jordan
Tarpley was speaking in an interview with Press TV discussing the crisis in the Middle East.
An approximate transcription of the interview comes as follows:
Press TV: In your perspective, if the United States and its Western and regional allies had not actually supported and created armed groups in Syria to fight against the Syrian government would we be seeing the same situation as we’re witnessing today with ISIL?
Tarpley: I think the fact of the matter is that NATO forces, the United States, Britain and France, are very much behind the creation of ISIS or ISIL. The general idea is that these were fighters that were trained in those NATO camps in Jordan.
The money comes from Saudi Arabia. The main moneybag seems to be Prince Abdul Rahman al-Faisal. He’s the brother of Saud Al-Faisal, the Foreign Minister, also the brother of Prince Turki, the former Ambassador here to the United States.
The people composing this group have been brought in from Libya at the end of 2011. I’m afraid Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi played a role in that. They were transferred to Turkey and then moved into northern Syria. It’s a well-known group of death squad fanatics starting off as unemployed men with no future despair and so forth, and then given this to do.
To sum up this entire argument in one picture, I would urge people to look at the Voltaire Network. You can find an article there by my friend, Thierry Meyssan. It’s a picture from the Spring of 2013, from April 2013, in the area of Idlib in northern Syria. Here we see none other than former Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who is of course a top official of the National Endowment for Democracy, International Republican Institute operation, sitting down in the
strategic consultation with General Salim Idris of the so-called Free Syrian Army, right, the heroes of democracy, pro-Western and all that.
Also sitting there is this guy, we have to give him three names, at that time he was called al-Badri, and then he became Baghdadi, he became the head of ISIL, and now I guess he calls himself Caliph Ibrahim. Anyway, that guy at the moment that McCain sat down with him was already wanted by the United States for terrorism and killing – a $25,000 reward. He was a member of al-Qaeda. He was listed as a member of al-Qaeda on the list of the sanctions that had been imposed vis-à-vis terrorists in Syria.
What this shows is that when we talk about ISIL we’re dealing with the new CIA-Arab legion, in the same way that al-Qaeda, the original one from 1980, was the CIA-Arab legion created with the help of US intelligence, British intelligence, to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. This is now a new version of that, jazzed up for the social media and so forth.
Press TV: What about that, Mr. Tarpley, that the Obama administration did not basically do anything in dealing with the situation in Syria? -Although we have a lot of information saying that actually the Obama administration along with his Western allies were some of the main entities behind supporting those who were said to be the opposition against the Syrian government.
Tarpley: About a year ago we had this fake chemical weapons provocation that was cooked up by NATO forces, Saudi Arabia and others. The goal was to get the United States to bomb Syria, and of course Obama wisely decided to defer to US and even British public opinion, and to the Congress [who] all opposed to bombings. Obama was on firm ground with that.
The question right now is if you really think that ISIL is the end of the world, that this is the negation of civilization, which in many ways it is, what could you do? You could issue an ultimatum to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the rest of the Gulf States, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and you could say, ‘boys, stop sending arms and money to ISIL’.
We also know we have Turkey, a NATO ally. This is right near where ISIL based itself and where it emerged. Up until the day before yesterday, about, that border was open so that the Saudis and the Qataris could send in their support to northern Syria, that “Raka” area, and get that aid in. Why didn’t the Turks close that border?
We also have to remember, Turkey has a huge army. Why don’t they just come across, brush ISIL aside, and shut this thing down?
We were also told that ISIL was the end of the world but Maliki had to go. But now he’s gone so something at least has happened.
However, the most dangerous is the drumbeat among the neo-cons and among the humanitarian bombers, the Samantha Powers rangers, we might call them. They’re saying it’s time to bomb Syria. Now here’s the problem. What are the targets supposed to be?
I think the lesson of this entire thing is you have got to work with existing governments. Any government is potentially an ally against this type of situation, against non-state actors, people who are bringing chaos into the area.
I think the most important imperative is to drop this absurd campaign against President Assad of Syria and join with Assad. Help Assad crush what’s left of that terrorist insurgency in the ISIL area and all over.
Indeed, I would ask my colleague there from the Hudson Institute, if ISIL is as I think we can agree a negation of civilization, why not join with Assad? –Because we’re hearing in the last 48 hours that the key to all of this is in Syria. Maybe it is. Why not join with Assad and the legal, recognized government in Syria, the UN member state, to crush them and certainly not to start mission creep where they start bombing Syrian targets that are loyal to Assad and indeed helping ISIL that way?
Press TV: Mr. Tarpley, your take on some of our viewer’s opinions. We have a wide range blaming Press TV actually, for what ISIL is doing to many others.But I want to look at in general, what we see is we have some of the viewers talking about the Western individuals involved in all of this, and I want to look at this. We know that when the situation started in Syria, Syrian President Assad and his government continued to say that there were thousands of terrorists coming in from these Western countries and basically that continued to be ignored.
Now we see a lot of these Western governments saying that the biggest threat to them right now are these same terrorists when they return to their home countries. Why at that point in time was it totally ignored but now at this point in time it becomes number-one priority, at least that’s what they’re saying?
Tarpley: Partly because it’s become a political and public relations embarrassment for Obama. Now that’s an opportunity to get something done.
The CIA and other intelligence services, they do what they want. They don’t ask Obama or any president. So, they’ve been creating this ISIL. This is simply their method of work.
Now we’ve got a situation where there’s a public interest in this subject and Obama feels that he has to do something. The question would then be what? I would recommend working with existing governments.
The history of all this stuff though goes back to this shadowy network inside the US government, the rogue network or invisible government. It goes back to John Negroponte, the US Ambassador in Baghdad about ten years ago. This is when these death squads began to emerge. His disciple was Ambassador Robert Ford who became then the US Ambassador to Syria at precisely the time the death squads emerged.
There never was a phase of democratic agitation in Syria that was not accompanied by gunfire.
The other thing to say is there are no moderates in the Syrian opposition. We even see an institutional figure like Fareed Zakaria of CNN pointing out that this is simply an illusion. Indeed, I would even go further.
If you look at that picture of McCain with General Idris of the so-called FSA and General Baghdadi, who is now the caliph or calls himself the caliph, you’ll see there is no difference. The “Free Syrian Army” is the same thing on the ground as Nusra, as the Islamic Front, as ISIL, ISIS or whatever you want to call it, and now the Islamic State. These are all the same people. They just put on a different hat. If they have to talk to you as senator, they’ll dress up one way. If they have to go out and talk to some people newly arrived from Chechnya or northern Libya, Cyrenaica or Derna, they’ll put on a different getup. It’s all the same thing. There are no moderates.
Press TV: The role in this terrorist group with ISIL and social media, we’re seeing a little different take as far as a terrorist group this time around being extremely internet savvy and using social media. Why aren’t they being shut down?
Tarpley: Because there’s an interest in not having them shut down. I would point out that the coverage in the US mass media is the glorification of ISIL. Why? They’re supermen; they are ten feet tall; they are so sophisticated – sophisticated is the most common word. They know how to use the social media…
Press TV: Why is that the case, that they’re portrayed like that in the world?
Tarpley: They’ve got to build it up. Let me just point out that James Foley, the poor victim – we deplore his killing – he went to Libya to essentially do positive publicity for terrorists. He went there when Gaddafi was killed. He was then moved over to the Aleppo area.
His troubles began when he wrote an article saying the people of Aleppo don’t like the terrorists, the people of Aleppo are getting nostalgic for Assad. Then in a couple of months he was kidnapped. Maybe they decided to use this poor guy in a different way.
You can compare it also to the pro-al-Qaeda propaganda coming from people like Bernard Lewis and/or Michael Scheuer from the CIA bin Laden unit. They were writing that bin Laden was a hero, that he was the George Washington of the Arab world and so on and so forth. This is what the CIA does when they want to build up this ogre, this poobah, and then use that to manipulate public opinion around the world, including the US, the Arab world, Europe and so forth.
Source: Press TV

Saudi Arabia, Qatar funding extremism: British commander

gen jonathan shaw

A former British commander in Iraq says that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are accountable for globally spreading extremism.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, General Jonathan Shaw said that both of the Arab states have ignited a “time bomb” by funding extremism that has triggered the rise of the ISIL.
Britain’s former Assistant Chief of the Defense Staff went on to say that the two countries have spent billions of dollars on funding Wahhabi and Salafist militant groups.
Shaw also said Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s rulers, who are now more threatened by their creation than any other countries, must lead an ideological struggle against the ISIL terrorists.
The former commander also referred to the current military campaign against the ISIL as “futile” unless the underlying Takfiri ideology was also directly tackled.
“It (this ideology) is funded by Saudi and Qatari money and that must stop,” he added.
The US and its allies, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Jordan, have been conducting airstrikes against the ISIL inside Syria without any authorization from Damascus or a UN mandate for over two weeks.
According to a report published by The Telegraph, wealthy individuals in the Persian Gulf region have raised tens of millions of dollars for terrorist groups. The report also says Arab leaders have either chosen to ignore the problem or are complicit in the funding of the terrorists in Syria and Iraq.
The ISIL terrorists currently control large swathes of territory across Syria and Iraq. They have carried out heinous atrocities in both countries, including mass executions and beheadings of people.
source »

US, UK seek to protect Saudi Arabia from ISIL: Analyst


The US and the UK are seeking to suppress the advance of ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Iraq out of fear that the group might pose a threat to Saudi Arabia, a political commentator tells Press TV.

“The point is they [the US and Britain] created this monster [the ISIL], and they now fear that this monster will now turn on Saudi Arabia in particular, and they are friends with Saudi Arabia and so they are now trying to control it,” Rodney Shakespeare said in an interview with Press TV.

He further said that Washington and London are not prepared to head straight to the source of support for the ISIL acts of terrorism in the region, which is Saudi Arabia.
The terror group in the first place has been created by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia “aided by their sidekicks in Turkey and [British] Prime Minister David Cameron,” Shakespeare noted, adding that the main purpose of the ISIL “is to smash up any Middle East state which exhibits any sort of opposition to the expansion of Israel.”

He also warned that “Zionism… has created something [ISIL] which looks like capable of overthrowing eventually Saudi Arabia and will probably end up attacking Israel.”

In a recent article published in The Sunday Telegraph, the British premier warned that if the ISIL Takfiri militants grow stronger, the group would project a threat to the UK and the rest of Europe.
However, Britain has openly supported the militancy in Syria to help topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad. According to reports, an estimated 500 Britons have traveled to Syria to fight along the foreign-backed militants there.
Some British militants are also believed to have crossed into Iraq, where violence escalated two months ago after militants from the ISIL took control of large swathes of the country.
Earlier this month, US President Barack Obama also authorized the use of airstrikes to prevent the advance of ISIL terrorists in Iraq and to protect US personnel and interests inside the country.
The decision came after Washington’s inaction regarding the massacres in Iraq and Syria. The US along with its Western and regional allies — especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia and, Turkey — is reportedly supporting militants operating inside Syria.
source »

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The Shell Game by Scott Bennet [Must Read]

A Whistleblowing Report was submitted in the US Congress detailing the connection between the CIA, US Department of Justice and the UBS Switzerland to the Al Qaeda and ISIS terror networks on May 13, 2013.
This report is probably the number one reason why Eric Holder tendered his resignation a few days ago.
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